MBPJ Helps the Underprivileged in Buying School Supplies

Subang Jaya, 13 Dec: Ripples of joy were clearly reflected in the faces of the less fortunate when they were chosen to receive shopping vouchers worth RM200 per person for school supplies.

This opportunity was fully utilised by recipients and parents in preparing for the 2013 school session which will begin in January next year.

Fatimah Abdul Mulup, 41, said that the hand-out would obviously ease her burden this time in facing the school session.

“Everything is complete here. There are many school items. It is easy for us to make choices. I would like to thank MBPJ for their attentiveness,” said the mother of Nurzulaiha Sarudin.

For Norsham Mat Sani, 49, the mother of Shuffira Ezurin Nurul Azmi, 15, the hand-out clearly lessened her burdens as she only gets a monthly income of around RM700 and works as a cleaning assistant.

“Alhamdulillah, with this gift we will be able to buy school supplies. He father (Shuffira) is also sick.We are grateful to MBPJ,” she said.

Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ) is continuing their attentiveness towards the plight of the less fortunate through the Urban Poverty Eradication Programme ‘Jom Shopping’ for School Supplies.

With a contribution of RM14,000, a total of 70 recipients have the opportunity of spending the vouchers to purchase school supplies such as school uniforms, shoes and stationery.

Meanwhile, according to the MBPJ Public Relations Officer, Zainun Zakaria, among the objectives of this contribution is to lessen the burden of the population who are less fortunate with an income of RM1,500 and below per month as well as having to bear the cost of their schooling children and younger children of more than four people.

Located at Mydin Hypermarket in USJ Subang Jaya, this programme is being organised for the second time and will be made an annual programme by MBPJ.

“In addition, it is one of the responsibilities and contributions of social services from MBPJ to the local communities under its administration,” he said.

He explained that all beneficiaries are residents who are registered under theUrban Poverty Eradication Programme (PPKB) which is under the area of MBPJ’s administration such as Kota Damansara PPR, Lembah Subang PPR, South Petaling Jaya (PJS), Desa Mentari and Impian Baiduri.

MDKL Status Upgraded to Municipal Council

KUALA LANGAT, 8 Dec: The status of Kuala Langat District Council (MDKL) will be soon upgraded to Kuala Langat Municipal Council (MPKL).

Welfare, Women’s Affairs, Science, Technology, Innovation and Culture Exco, Rodziah Ismail said that this is because the Local Authority (PBT) has fulfilled the criteria and conditions.

She said that MDKL had not only provided basic local government services, but it also played a major role in implementing State Government programmes that can contribute to the economic growth and the development of Selangor as an internationally ranked state.

“MDKL is considered as an important tool in the modernisation of local socio-economic development, among them are historical places, and tourism, which goes on a lot in Kuala Langat.

“So there is no reason MDKL cannot change its status to become a Municipal Council. The change in status will be announced soon,” she said at the Closing Ceremony of the Street Festival organised by the Standing Cultural Committee of Selangor with the cooperation of MDKL in Kanchong Darat here.

Rodziah added that this is in line with the State Government’s goals of wanting 90% of the state to be municipals in accordance with the current situation, economy and local society.

For the record, Kuala Langat District Council was established on the 1st of January, 1977, under the 1976 Local Government Act.

This is through the three local combinations – Sungai Jarom Local Council, Tanjung Sepat Local Council and the Kuala Langat Town Board.

The ares of administration in its early days was 3.7 square miles (9.6 km) and had increased to 857.70 km squared, including three nautical miles.

In addition, Kuala Langat district has an area of ​​87.704 hectares. The total population now exceeds 270,000 people with the majority being Malays, followed by Chinese and Indians as well as a small number of indigenous peoples.

Kuala Langat is one of nine districts in the state. It is bordered by the Klang District and Sepang. Part of the Kuala Langat district is located along the Straits of Malacca.

The rapid development of areas such as Putrajaya and the KLIA Airport has put the district in strategic position for investment.

In addition, the region is supported by good road infrastructure that connects to Central Kuala Lumpur, Petaling Jaya, Shah Alam, Bandar DiRaja Klang, Port Klang, Putrajaya and KLIA.

Now, in the district, there is also an industrial area that is classified as a Free Trade Zone in Telok Panglima Garang. In addition, there are also areas of interest here such as Bukit Jugra, Morib beach and several Homestay villages.

Selangor Land Scandal: Najib Has to ‘Clean the Hands’ of Umno-BN leaders

SHAH ALAM, 7 Dec: Datuk Seri Najib Razak must take responsibility now regarding the land scandal that involves Selangor Umno-BN leaders.

This is because the leaders involved have been pointing fingers at each other, especially involving the land scandal in Subang.

Democratic Action Party (DAP) Publicity Secretary, Tony Pua said that they (Umno-BN leaders) are now already caught-up in the scandal and are begining to deny their involvement in the scandal.

Previously, DAP had revealed that as much as 87,188 square feet of land had been given to Subang Umno and has been claimed to purchase the land at a cheap price in 2004.

Tony claims that the land is now the site of a condominium project, Suria Damansara, consisting of 200 units worth RM450,000 per unit while the current market value now stands at RM90 million.

However, previously, Selangor Umno Information Chief, Abdul Shukor Idrus had explained that the and was purchased for community purposes including the construction of kindergartens and community halls.

“When they (BN) denied our claim, they said that the land was to build a kindergarten, and a community hall as well as other facilities. However, this is not the case.

“Now that they have been caught, they are blaming each other and have begin to point fingers at other Umno-BN leaders,” he said in a media statement.

Tony Fernandes who is also the MP for Petaling Jaya Utara, explained that the Subang Umno Division Chief, Datuk Muhammad Bushro Mat Johor had denied that the land is owned by the Subang Umno.

Bushro claimed that there is no land listed under the Subang Umno assets since he became the head of the division.

“However, he (Bushro) who is also the Assemblyman of Paya Jaras, had pointed his finger at the previous Division Chief, Datuk Mokhtar Dahlan.

However, yesterday, the former Umno Subang Chief said that he had surrendered the land that was awarded by the BN party to Kelana Jaya Umno, after redrawing the electoral constituencies in 2004.

“The land was awarded for the purpose of building the Umno division building. However, the question is, why is the land now the site of a condominium?

“Unfortunately, incidently, the Acting Chief of Kelana Jaya Umno, Datuk Yahya Bujang is overseas and is unable to give any explanation,” he said.

However, at the same time, Selangor Opposition Leader, Datuk Satim Diman admitted when questioned, and answered that the matter has to be referred to the Selangor Umno Secretary, Datuk Mohd Zin Mohamed for the purpose of gathering further information regarding the matter.

Thus, Tony said that Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak will have to ‘clean the hands’ of his leaders regarding the scandal instead of keeping quiet about it.

He said that Najib, who is also the Chairman of Selangor Umno should be more responsible in regards to the issue.

Selangor Aims to Help 2,500 Families to Obtain Kindergarten Assistance Next Year

PETALING JAYA, 2 Dec: The State Government aims to assist 2,500 families across Selangor in obtaining the Selangor Kindergarten Assistance Scheme (Tunas) next year with an allocation of RM 3 million.

So far, Education, Higher Education and Human Capital Development Exco, Dr Halimah Ali said that the scheme has been received with enthusiasm by 1,500 families who have participated in five months wince it was launched in July.

“Tunas is a way of helping parents (from low-income families) by giving and assistance of RM 50 a month to each family through childcare centres registered with the Selangor Kindergarten Assistance Council,” Dr Halimah said.

The scheme has helped parents like Rashidi Hashim, 34, a production operator from Taman Medan.

With the assistance, he is now able to send his six year-old son, Muhammad Izwan Muiz, to Islamic Child Care Kindergarten (Pasti) AlRaudhah in Taman Datuk Haron.

“I am happy with this move as it reflects the State Government’s attentiveness and the people benefit from the programme as well as the financial assistance,” he said.

He was met at the Tunas Selangor Mini Carnival Tour 2012/2013 officiated by Dr Halimah at the Youth Square in PJS1/25, Taman Medan here, today.

The scheme under the ‘Localising the Selangor Economy’ (MES) agenda which is open to every family with a monthly income below RM 1,500 a month.

“In the current situation, it has been admitted by the Ministry of Education that there are a lot of the parents in this country who do not send their children to childcare centres,” Dr Halimah said.

“Research from around the world has found that education for children under six years is critical,” Dr Halimah said in her speech.

Also present was Investment, Industry and Trade Exco, Teresa Kok Suh Sim and Deputy Speaker of the Selangor State Assembly (DNS) cum Taman Medan Assemblywoman, Haniza Talha.

Infrastructure Requirements of Religious Schools Will Be Evaluated Every Year

SHAH ALAM, 28 Nov: The needs of Religious Primary Schools (SAR) will be evaluated annually by the Education Division of the Selangor Islamic Religious Department (JAIS) to ensure that the schools receive assistance according to its priority ranking.

Education Exco member, Dr Halimah Ali said that the policy practised every year will not only evaluate the schools’ infrastructure but it will also involve the need of educators for the schools.

She said this in reply to debate questions regarding the Budget Committee of the Selangor Islamic Affairs Department raised by Skinchan Assemblyman, Ng Suee Lim.

Suee Lim, in his question, raised the issue of the state of dilapidation of Sekolah Rendah Agama Parit 7, Skinchan which is facing infrastructure problems especially in student toilets.

“I agree that the school Skinchan mentioned is a priority because it concerns basic facilities,” said Dr Halimah again.

For this year, a total of RM8 million has been allocated by the Selangor Zakat Board for infrastructural development.

In addition, Dr Halimah also said that since 2008, Majlis Permuafakatan Institusi Pendidikan Selangor (MAPPIS) consisting of the Muslim population of Selangor was established to consider the long-term measures to raise the performance of religious schools in the state.

It is clear that religious primary schools are schools developed by the State including providing the building site while the people’s religious schools are fully funded by the people.

Up till now, Selangor has 23 religious primary schools, 11 religious integrated schools and more than 230 Kafa schools.

Iskandar: 29 Percent of Abandoned Projects Completed

SHAH ALAM, 26 Nov: Since Pakatan Rakyat (PR) had taken over the state administration last September; the State Government has completed 29% of the 49,451 housing units which was abandoned by Umno-BN.

Housing, Building Management and Squatters Exco member, Iskandar Abdul Samad said that the State Government under the leadership of Pakatan Rakyat (PR) has taken the initiative to immediately resolve problems faced by the people.

He explained that the problem was a legacy left by the previous government under the leadership of Umno-BN and that it has been taken over by PR which is concerned about the Selangor people’s needs.

“From the 49,451 abandoned houses like residences and commercial buildings, we have managed to complete 14,245 units as of September which involves 19 areas in the whole of Selangor.”

“Apart from that, the State Government has also planned a state-wide welfare refurbishment programme (Ceria) with a total rotation fund of RM9.7 million where 17 areas involved in the programme for Phase 1 has been fully completed where else 33 of the 52 areas in Phase 2 have been completed apart from Phase 3 which will start with 93 areas,” he said in a press conference at the Annex Hall lobby here, today.

Also present were Meru Assemblyman, Dr Abdul Rani Osman, Education, Higher Education and Human Capital Development Exco member, Dr Halimah Ali and Malay Customs, Youth and Sports Exco member, Dr Ahmad Yunus Hairi.

Iskandar said that after more than four years, approximately 92% of apartments have benefitted from the free water initiative which was offered by the State Government.

According to him, an agreement was made with Syarikat Bekalan Air Selangor (Syabas) to loosen the clauses to hasten the transition from central metres to individual metres.

“Other efforts undertaken was the establishing of the Permai Task Force to encourage migration such as the Hands-On programme as well as the Concerned Committee to solve problems at multi-levelled housings regarding the individual metre changing process,” he said.

He said that the State Government had also built 1,682 Affordable Housings in areas in Bandar Baru Bangi, Bukit Botak, Kajang and other places.

Apart from that, he said that 1,215 more units will be built in Phase 1 from 2010 to 2013 while 9,481 units will be built from 2014 to 2018.

“Umno-BN’s efforts in building low-cost housing has encountered many problems and the State Government is introducing affordable housings which are better and cheaper compared to the houses under the same, PR1MA concept by the Federal Government,” he added.

400 Women Celebrate an Evening of Cooking Together with Abby Abadi

SUNGAI BESAR, 13 Nov: About 400 women around Parit Lapan Gambut Sungai Panjang were given the opportunity to learn to how to cook Japanese Fried Rice, Steamed Banana Cake and Thai-style Green Curry Beef from guest Chefs at the Shah Alam Convention Centre (SACC) .

Chef Zulkifli and Ched Jamili guided them under the ‘an Evening of Cooking Together with Abby Abadi’ programme held at Desa Permai Square here.

The programme was launched by Selangor Chief Minister’s wife, Puan Sri Salbiah Tunut.

In her speech she said that women should play an important role in national development by actively engaging in community outreach programmes.

She said that there are many programmes under the State Government available to women through the State Economic Agenda (MES) to benefit from.

“The women’s programme is featured in the SelangorKU Grant which allocated about RM30 million for women.”

“The Selangor government is a caring government and we do not want people in this state to suffer,” said Salbiah.

In addition, Salbiah clarified, under the Selangor Women’s Welfare and Charity Organisation (Pekawanis), edible garden programmes are getting the attention of women through special grants for agricultural projects.

“Currently under the edible gardens programme we have natural farming projects to plant vegetables in poly bags and that the State Government funds participants to receive 250 free poly bags with compost soil and drainage system at RM2, 700 once,” he said.

She said the program which is now being extended to every constituency from time to time, is able to generate additional income for housewives.

During the program, the community was given the opportunity to mingle with Puan Sri Salbiah together with Abby casually.

Abby in a friendly session told her story of how she moved from the acting world and ventured into effort missions in this country.

“So I get something that I did not have in myself while fulfilling Umrah and I’m now grateful that in these days when people reject religious leaders and charitable works, Allah has brought me closer to Him,” she said.

Also participating in the programme were District Head of Sabak Bernam, Zailani Kadir, Sungai Panjang State Assembly Coordinator of the Centre of Service Coordinator, Fadzlin Taslimin and former lecturer at UIA Law, Dr Aziz Bari.

Anwar: Rising Support for PR from the Indian Community

PETALING JAYA, 13 Nov: Policies introduced by Pakatan Rakyat (PR) states, particularly Selangor can be seen to successfully increase support from the Indian Community for the coalition in the approaching 13th General Elections.

This is according to PKR de facto leader, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, when asked about Indian support for PR at the PKR headquarters here.

He said the response from the Indian community regarding the programmes and schemes organized by the Selangor State Government for example, has drawn the attention of those who have been often ignored previously during the Umno-BN state government.

“Selangor under the PR’s leadership has been working to look after the Indian community in this state by providing a variety of assistance programmes including educational assistance amounting to RM4 million in all National-type Tamil Schools (SJKT).”

“PR is also trying to obtain identification cards for some of the Indians living in rural areas for decades but still have not been given citizenship,” said the Selangor State Economic Advisor.

Previously, Anwar had promised that PR would not abandon all races, including Indians if successful in taking over the Federal Government after the next General Election.

Anwar’s announced this during a visit to the Deepavali festival organized by the State Government in Jalan Kelana, Klang, which is also known as ‘Little India’ last Saturday.

He said that the Indians who have claimed to be ignored by the Umno-BN government for the past 50 years will be given equal attention, that includes all other races in this country.

“I do not want to hear any more fights about racial disputes, we will take care of all races and citizens in this country,” he said in his speech at the party.

More Tadika Rakyat, Proposed State Government

PETALING JAYA, NOV 10: The State Government has proposed to build three more Tadika Rakyats in Serendah, Kampar and Dengkil to facilitate children from low income families to receive preschool education.

The constructions of these kindergartens are the continuation of the two existing kindergartens in Taman Sentosa, Klang and Kampung Lindungan in Petaling Jaya.

Hence, Health, Plantation Workers, Poverty and Caring Government Exco, Dr. Xavier Jayakumar, welcomed parents who cannot afford preschool education to send their children to these kindergartens.

“This kindergarten is open to all races. Therefore, people in this area, do not miss the chance to register your children.”

“In addition to the low fees, children will also be exposed to early childhood education,” he added.

He said, pre-school education is the first step to prepare children before the commencement of
statutory education.

“Based on research, there are still 30 percent of children who are not enrolled in any preschool because they cannot afford the monthly fee.”

As a result, many children are left behind in terms of education like not knowing how to write, count or read.

This causes them to fall behind their peers when they eventually enter primary school and this causes serious problems in the long term.

“Lack of exposure to education in the early stages is among the factors that contribute to social problems,” he said during the Tadika Rakyat Kampung Lindungan launching ceremony here, early this morning.

The Tadika Rakyat at Kampung Lindungan is the second branch that has been built by the State Government along with the non-governmental organization (NGO), Child Information, Learning and Development Centre (Child).

The kindergarten is reserved for families earning below RM 1,500.

In addition to providing comfortable learning, students are only charged as low as RM 20 per month.

The kindergarten costing about RM 460,000 has been equipped with eight classes and is able to accommodate about 20 students per class.

The State Government has provided RM 50,000 for each of the kindergartens.

Also present was Local Government, Research and Development Exco, Ronnie Liu, Seri Setia assemblyman Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad, Taman Medan assemblyman, Haniza Talha, Kelana Jaya MP, Gwo Burne Loh and Deputy Mayor of Petaling Jaya, Puasa Md Taib.

National Zoo Vist Organised by Sungai Pinang State Assembly Cultivates Interest in Nature

AMPANG, 9 NOV: Cheer was evident on the faces of the Standard 3 students of SRJK Pin Hwa when they were taken to visit the National Zoo.

The school’s first excursion under the ‘Ranger Kancil Zoo Negara Tour’ program organised by the Sungai Pinang State Assembly Office had provided exposure and cultivated the students’ interest in nature.

According to their Mandarin (language) teacher, Loo Boon Pei, there were those amongst the students that were visiting the National Zoo for the first time.

Physical Education and Science teacher, Shawn Khor Joo Huat was of the opinion that activities such as this have the capability to further expand students’ minds so as to be more actively involved in the learning process.

“A worthwhile program. I can see the students so excited and happy during the visit.”

“Services provided by the zookeeper were also good. They explain about what is available students were able to actively participate.”

“For the students, this is something worthwhile and meaningful. They do not just leisurely walk around, but they get to learn new things, “he said.

190 students attended this third program.

Previously, this program was organized by the State Assembly (DUN) office for SJKC Pin Hwa and SJKC Kong Hoe.
Overall, a total of 525 students and 56 teachers from DUN Sungai Pinang have benefited from this program.

The DUN has allocated nearly RM 29,000 for the three visits to the National Zoo; this includes the cost of the bus rental and food.

According to the Sungai Pinang assemblyman Datuk Teng Chang Kim, this program gives students the opportunity experience first-hand what is available National Zoo.

“This program is one way to help schools fill in the gaps in the education curriculum.”

“We have seen a positive reaction from students’ that are excited when they are brought here”.

“There are probably busy parents, so we are of the opinion that this program is beneficial to them,” he said when met at the foyer of the ‘Show Amphitheatre’, at the National Zoo”.

Teng, who is also the Speaker of the State House, said that he would recommend that this program be part of the Selangor state education program.

Meanwhile, the Department Head of Education at the National Zoo, Junaidi Omar said he welcomes this kind of interactive programs with schools.

“We provide message and education. This is a platform to communicate with the concept of recreation and education”, he said.