Selangor Sultan: Uphold the Sanctity of Islam with Wisdom

SHAH ALAM, 15 Nov: DYMM Sultan Selangor, Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah reminded Malays to uphold the sanctity of Islam with the strength and wisdom as done by Nabi Muhammad, mujahids and past Islamic leaders.

His Royal Highness said this when he officiated the Ma’al Hijrah 1434 celebrations at Masjid Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah last night.

Among other things, he urged the rakyat to not mix religion and politics because as it can cause a split amongst the people.

“Instead I appeal to Malays to stand united, to help one another and strengthen the bonds among Muslims as well as to defend Islam, which is pure.”

“As leader of Islam and protector of Malay rights and interests in the State of Selangor, I am fully responsible at any given time to regulate the sanctity of Islam and that the interest Malays is appropriately protected and cared for,” His Highness said.

Meanwhile, His Highness appealed for Malays, particularly those in Selangor to not be influenced by incitement and propaganda of those who could destroy one’s faith and make him or her turn against Allah.

He also added that Article 3 of the Constitution states that Islam is the official religion under the Constitution. This places Islam higher than other religions. Constitution also states that the special rights and status of Malays should be protected.

His Highness in his earlier decree wished all Muslims, especially Malays in the State of Selangor, to celebrate this Islamic New Year meaningfully and thoughtfully in order to advance the Malay race. He also thanked Allah for blessing us with peace, prosperity and harmony.

He concluded by inviting the rakyat of this state to pray together for Allah Subhanahu Wata’ala to bless and consecrate Selangor and keep Selangor safe from disaster.

“I also pray that the people of Selangor, who consist of different races, live in unity, peace and for the State of Selangor to progress, to prosper and live peacefully,” he said.

State Government to Inspect Batu Caves Condo Project Planning Permission before Making a Decision

SHAH ALAM, 14 Nov: Decisions regarding the condominium project in front of Batu Caves will be made after thorough inspection to prevent any negative effects to the rakyat and the Selangor Government.

Chief Minister, Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim said that this approach is different from the Umno-BN Federal Government that is now promising to cancel the project although it was approved by the previous Umno-BN Selangor government.

He said that every project cancellation has to be done professionally, transparently and responsibly by following procedures to avoid negative consequences to the state.

It is being understood that should the project be cancelled without following procedures, the State Government will have to compensate the project developer, Dolomite Park Avenue.

“We are committed in fixing any carelessness and mistakes which had been made by the Umno-BN government before this.”

“However, this has to be done in order and in accordance with policies of the state government which is fair and just,” he said in a press conference after chairing the Exco meeting here, today.

Recently, the English language newspaper, The Sun, had exposed the approval of the 29 storey condominium project by the Selayang Municipal Council during the Umno-BN governance in 2007.

At the Batu Caves Deepavali celebrations last night, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak had declared that Umno-BN will cancel the project should they return to govern Selangor.

In Abdul Khalid’s reply to Najib’s announcement, he said that the Umno president was not professional and that it was a cheap publicity stunt.

“Najib’s actions may bring about negative outcomes to the integrity and respectable administration because any cancellation to the project should be done according to procedure,” he added.

Simultaneously, Abdul Khalid has announced the appointment of Datuk N. Sadasivan as chairman of the Independent Taskforce to study the aforementioned project’s approval.

Abdul Khalid said that Sadasivan, who was the former Head of the Malaysian Industrial Development Authority (MIDA) will be assisted by a group of professionals to work freely in the taskforce.

“Among taskforce’s scope of duties is to re-investigate all development projects which have been planned and carried out at Batu Caves taking several aspects into consideration such as, the people’s welfare, the Hindu community’s priorities and the law,” he continued.

Anwar: PR Promises to Not Neglect the Indian Community If PR Takes Putrajaya

Klang NOV 11: The Indian community in this country will not be ignored if Pakatan Rakyat (PR) is given the opportunity to rule in Putrajaya after the upcoming 13th General Elections.

Opposition Chairman, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim said, the India community which has often been overlooked by the Umno-BN Government will be given equal attention along with the other races who are citizens of this country.

He said, the best example is shown by PR-led Selangor State Government under the administration of Chief Minister, Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim who allocated a total of RM4 million each year to all Tamil National-type Schools (SJKT) in the state.

“If 50 years ago SJKT never received special assistance for school development, the State Government now gives all SJKT RM4 million each year in Selangor,” he said.

Anwar said this when giving a speech while visiting the Deepavali Festival held at Jalan Kelana, Klang last evening.

Also present was Selangor Exco members, Dr. Xavier Jayakumar and Ronnie Liu as well as Klang MP, Charles Santiago.

Meanwhile, Anwar said, the people of this country should have faith in PR to implement their proven policies for the interests of the people.

“We’ve heard so many things, from abolishing PTPTN, lowering car prices and various policies will be implemented if PR rules Putrajaya.”

“I do not want to hear any more fights about racial disputes, we will take care of all races and citizens in this country,” the Selangor State Economic Advisors added.

MACC Urged to Investigate All Parties Connected with Bala’s Corruption Allegation

SHAH ALAM, November 11: Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) has been urged to conduct a thorough investigation on some individuals that have been raised by private investigator P. Balasubramaniam (Bala) in relation to the murder of Mongolian Altantuya Shaariibuu.

PKR vice-president, Tian Chua, when contacted, said the MACC should be transparent instead of rashly responding to the demands of Bala.

In fact, he said, MACC action is deemed to be trying to hide ‘something’.

“If the MACC was totally transparent, they would insist upon asking Bala to give a statement during the trial. If the MACC wants to confirm whether or not they have enough evidence, everyone needs to be investigated. Unfortunately, all the names mentioned by Bala were never investigated, “he said.

Citing Malaysia Kini, MACC in reply to Bala’s lawyer, Americk Sidhu on 8 November, said there is a lack of evidence to prosecute any of the parties based on the decision by the Deputy Public Prosecutor (DPP).

MACC in its reply said they had “conducting a thorough investigation” and had submitted the results to the DPP for “research and advice”.

According to MACC, the DPP had reviewed the overall evidence but found there was a lack of evidence to prosecute any of the individuals for whatever criminal offense.

In a three-paragraph response, MACC said that they agreed with the conclusions of the deputy public prosecutor, and it has been presented to the MACC operation review panel on 8 November 2012, who had also agreed with him.