MBPJ Becomes First Local Authority to Organise World Animal Day Every Year


SHAH ALAM, 29 Oct: The Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ) made history when they became the first Local Authority in Malaysia to organise the World Animal Day every year since year 2009.

The fourth celebration themed ‘Pet Ownership Responsibility’ was aimed at increasing awareness of pet owners and a sense of responsibility towards pets.

In conjunction with the World Animal Day 2013, a forum entitled ‘Responsible Pet Owners’ was held here at the MBPJ Community Library Knowledge Hall recently.

The programme was inaugurated by the Assemblyman of Seri Andalas, Dr Xavier Jayakumar, and was also attended by the MBPJ Director of the Department of Environmental Health, Dr Chitradavi, the Director of the DBKL Department of Health and Environment, Dr Hayati Abdullah, and MBPJ Council Members.

At the same event, pet owners were given certificates in addition to the presentation of work papers and a question and answer session with panel members.

MBPJ also informed that the by-laws concerning licencing and dog breeding homes have been implemented to ensure that irresponsible parties will not mistreat animals.

A penalty of RM2,000 or imprisonment of less than a year, or both, will be imposed if anyone goes against the by-laws.

MBPJ also established the Canine Advisory Team (CAT) in Selangor as a sign of concern and responsibility on animal welfare.

Section 203A of the Penal Code Proves that BN is not Transparent


SHAH ALAM, 22 Oct: The amendment of the confidentiality provision in Section 203A of the Penal Code would see that the people would no longer have the opportunity to gain access to abuse of power and leakages that happen in Barisan Nasional (BN) if approved.

The effect of proposed amendment on the provision would witness the country moving backward and giving ‘licence’ from corruption and abuse of power to continue to happen.

The Head of the Legal Bureau of the Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR), Latheefa Koya, said that the Bill would make the Penal Code worse than the Official Secrets Act (OSA) 1972.

“Section 203A refers to officers, not only government officials but individuals who provide information or documents when on duty, can be imprisoned or fined up to RM1 million.

“Until now, we are still not sure what is meant by ‘any information’ or ‘any kind of information’. It is worse that the OSA which has a document classification process,” she said when contacted by TVSelangor today.

She said this when asked to comment of the comment by Member of Parliament for Padang Serai, N Surendran, during the House of Representatives debate session when he urged the government to drop the proposed amendment because the provision has never been done in the world of modern democracy, instead it is more suitable for a country or party like North Korea.

Latheefa said documents involving national security which may be deemed as confidential or restricted in the Section 203A case has no information.

“This move is among the worst made by BN and it is surely to cover up any information that can be accessed by the people to look at projects that are scandalous such as the National Feedlot Centre (NFC) project.

K-Pop Concert: MACC Asked to Investigate Shabery Cheek


PUTRAJAYA, 18 Oct: Orange 13 (Jingga 13) filed a report to the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) to demand an investigation to be made on the former Youth and Sports Minister, Datuk Ahmad Shabery Cheek involving the ministry as presented in the Auditor-General’s Report 2012.

The Chief Coordinator of Orange 13, Fariz Musa, said that the report involved the issue of RM1.6 million being paid for a K-Pop concert, the Million Youth Assembly amounting to RM87.61 million, and the account of the National Sports Council amounting to RM20 million for sponsorship from private companies.

Fariz said that the Youth and Sports Minister, Khairy Jamaluddin previously confirmed that the ministry had to pay RM1.6 million for the cost of bringing in K-Pop artists for the concert because many of the sponsors failed to provide aid.

Shaberry, as the minister responsible at the time, claimed that the concert was funded by sponsors through the account of the National Sports Council (NSC) and he also criticised the Auditor-General, Tan Sri Ambrin Buang, as being ‘clumsy’ in preparing the report.

“What raises questions is the conflict of facts between Khairy and Shabery on the issue. Up till now, we are still waiting to know whose answer is right and who is lying,” he said in a press conference at Putrajaya today.

Fariz said he also questioned the excessive expenditure involving RM67.61 million for the National Youth Day 2012 which needs to be investigated by the MACC.

“The MACC and the National Audit Department should work together and use provisions of the law to prosecute those involved and bring them to justice. Orange 13 also urged the Prime Minister to immediately suspend Shabery from his duties immediately,” he said.

PKR Candidate for Sungai Limau By-Election to be Announced on 21 October


PETALING JAYA, 17 Oct: The PAS candidate for the Sungai Limau By-Elections will be announced by the PAS President, Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang on 21 October.

The PAS Secretary-General, Datuk Mustapha Ali said that the Pakatan Rakyat leadership council has agreed on the candidacy and is confident in defending the seat which was previously held by the former Chief Minister of Kedah, the late Tan Sri Azizan Abdul Razak.

“We have a candidate which has been decided by PAS and we have submitted it to the Pakatan Rakyat leadership, and it is agreed upon and will be announced on the 21st of this month,” he said in a press statement with PKR De Facto Leader, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim here today.

In the meantime, Mustapha said that the Kedah PAS machinery will be led by the PAS Vice-President, Datuk Mahfuz Omar.

He said PAS is always prepared and will work hard to counter every argument to be played by Umno-BN throughout the campaign period for the by-election.

In the 13th General Election, the late Ustaz Azizan won the seat with a majority vote of 2,774 through a four corner contest.

Meanwhile, the Sungai Limau constituency by-election will take place on 4 November.

Analyst: Umno Election System Does Not Reflect the Voices from the Grassroots


SHAH ALAM, 15 Oct: The ‘one division one vote’ election system practiced in the Umno Election 2013 does not reflect the wants of the majority of the party’s members from the grassroots.

Political analyst, Prof Datuk Mohamad Abu Bakar said, through such as system, leaders who win the position struggle do not necessarily win the position in terms of the popular vote.

This is in contract of the ‘one member one vote’ practiced by PKR which gives the power to each member to elect their leaders to the highest level.

“I am not such how this system can affect the election transformation.

“The only thing that supposedly has portrayed more democratic atmosphere has crept upon the Umno leadership and election, but can the mixed-feelings really be channelled in terms of the final selection, that is what is difficult to be measured,” said the lecturer in International Studies and Strategy from the University of Malaya (UM).

Previously, a famous pro-Umno blogger, Syed Akhbar Ali, assumed that the victory by Datuk Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil as the Wanita Umno Chief and Khairy Jamaluddin Abu Bakar as the Umno Youth Chief is not an absolute victory because the votes cast by Umno members were eventually considered as one vote per division.

In addition to that, he also questioned the transparency of the Umno elections committee, which he claimed to be keeping secret the popular vote as if trying to hide something.

Apart from a chaotic election system, the election this time was allegedly marred by the existence of phantom voters, shortage in ballot papers, the number of votes exceeding the delegates, an incident where a microphone was thrown, confusing ballot papers and so on.

TPPA: Anwar Criticises Umno Leaders for Bowing to US Command


KUALA LUMPUR, 11 Oct: Umno-BN leaders’ attitude of bowing to the commands by the United States (US) by agreeing to the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA) which will compromise the country’s future.

PKR De Facto Leader, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, said it became more problematic when Datuk Seri Najib Razak met with President Barack Obama last year and agreed to support the TPPA.

“The TPPA shows how the US and rich countries are not consistent. In Europe, they are very open and reveal all the details about the negotiations. But in Malaysia, they say no, we cannot reveal anything… and of course Umno just blindly follows their instructions,,” he said.

He said this in his speech during the TPPA Protest Programme at the Sultan Sulaiman Shah Club Field.

About 500 people attended the programme, many of whom were Pakatan Rakyat leaders and non-governmental organisations (NGO).

“Pakatan Rakyat is not like Umno Members of Parliament. When the price in fuel rose, they continued to support (them). They continued to support when sugar prices rose. They (Umno) are even supporting the TPPA despite not reading the provision.

“We will not submit to the dictates of any big country, including the US,” he said.

Anwar said, objection has been voiced by countries such as South Korea, Japan and other developing countries against the injustice of the TPPA.

He said that Australia is now facing the impact of the agreement with the US despite having a large economic system and influence to determine the direction of the agreement.

“The TPP agreement will not benefit the country because it is framed in such as way so that the US would receive great returns.

“Malaysians who support the TPPA are severe. They oppose the TPPA but introduce a Malaysian form of the TPPA for Malaysians with the same severity.

“We reject ruthless capitalists, whether they are from the US or China, Malays or Indians,” said Anwar.

Najib Finally Realises the Danger of the TPPA after the Insistence of the People



Najib Razak has finally realised, due to the insistence of the people, that the TPPA ‘trespasses’ the sovereign rights in formulating regulations and policies, or in a more precise language – Pawning the sovereignty of the nation.

Thankfully, despite the mainstream media not carrying out their proper role in providing specific information about the dangers of the TPPA, effort from various parties have managed to gather the people to put pressure so that the TPPA is not implemented.

SAMM, through working together with the Task Force Against TPPA (BANTAH), is currently touring 12 of the 13 locations throughout the country as a responsibility to provide public awareness about the TPPA. It indirectly has an effect of its own when more and more people understand the complications that may be encountered if the country signs the TPPA.

The last location of the Anti-TPPA Tour will be held this evening at Sekinchan, Selangor, before the premier stage, which will bring together two leading figures of the nation, takes place on 10 October at the Sultan Sulaiman Club in Kampung Baru, Kuala Lumpur.

The TPPA issue is not over. MITI is seen as very fervently trying to distort and manipulate facts to cover their weaknesses. At this moment, MITI is also trying to counter the BANTAH-SAMM roadshow. In fact, they are also conducting a propaganda programme at a police college, in order to get support from the police on the TPPA issue.

In similar developments, SAMM has warned that although Najib Razak has apparently ‘realised’ the dangers of the TPPA, Najib’s statement still shows his interest in implementing the TPPA when he said that “the TPP agreement is expected to take a longer time to be finalised”. This means a delay, do not be trapped.

From a different angle, is Najib trying to be a hero when he finally rejects the TPPA? His specious ‘flip-flop’ attitude is very dangerous and is hard to believe. Najib is also seen as not having a stand in the issue of the TPPA.

Therefore, let us join our voices in unison and together reject the TPPA in both of the assemblies;

1. Anti-TPPA Premier Stage: Save Our Nations Sovereignty, Reject TPP | 10 October | 8.30pm| Kg Baru Sultan Sulaiman Club, KL

2. #BantahTPPA Assembly and ‘Welcome’ US Representatives as a sign of Protest | 11 October | 2.00 pm | KLCC Mosque

SAMM invites all Malaysian to not miss the opportunity to show the strength of the people to the government which dares to gamble the fate of the people and the sovereignty of our country.

Youth Solidarity Malaysia (SAMM)

MBPJ Holds Seminar to Improve JMB and MC


KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 7: The Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ) held a seminar on Act 77 of the Management Strata 2013 to help Joint Management Bodies (JMB) and Management Corporations (MC) in Petaling Jaya to help offer the best service to apartment dwellers.

MBPJ Mayor, Datin Paduka Alinah Ahmad said that Act 757 had repealed Act 663, which previously caused confusion and inconsistency in the management of strata development. She hopes that JMB and MC will make use of Act 747 to solve problems which have arisen before.

“Previously, Act 663 which was enacted in 2007 had many flaws. There were parts which were not connected to another act to solve multi-storey housing residents’ problems. Act 757 which was gazetted in February was formulated to ease JMB and MC in solving the problems of multi-storey housing dwellers,” said Alinah in her opening speech at the seminar which took place at the MBPJ Civic Hall today.

Act 757 allows for JMB, MC and Commissioner of Buildings (COB) to appoint a building management agent to maintain and manage strata development. Conflict resolution mechanisms have also been introduced for stakeholders to express their dissatisfaction, and the number of officers and staff at COB offices has been increased from five people to 16 people so that it can deliver services more proactively.

Several methods of improvement have been provided to solve problems concerning the collection of maintenance charges and the sinking fund. Before this, in Kuala Lumpur and Penang, thousands of residents or lot owners did not make payments thus resulting in the conditions of buildings of Public Housing Apartments (PPR) to be unmanaged and thousands of additional ringgit had to be provided to repair damages and building deterioration.

The Act also details the distribution of responsibilities and the period of enforcement for the power transition from developers, JMB, MC and MC committees, as well as actions that can be imposed on “free rider” owners of the lot/occupants who did not pay the charges and did not respect the law.

Over the past five years, MBPJ has also held various seminars to help the people in Petaling Jaya enhance their quality of life.

The Strata Management Act 2013 seminar today attracted an attendance of about a hundred JMB and MC representatives from around Petaling Jaya.

The seminar was presented by an advocate and solicitor, Andrew Wong, who is also the consultant in the drafting of Act 77.


PCA Amendments, Suaram Appeals to the United Nations to Take Action


SHAH ALAM, 5 Oct: Suara Rakyat Malaysia (Suaram) has called upon the United Nations (UM) to not turn a blind eye to the issue of fundamental human rights in Malaysia following the amendment to the Prevention of Crime Act (Amendment and Extension) 2013 (PCA) which allows for preventive detention without trial.

Suaram Executive Director, Nalini Elumalai, said that she has urged the UN Secretary General, Ban Ki Moon and the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Madamme Navanethem Pillay, to evaluate the amendment to the PCA in the UN’s report on Malaysia.

Nalini said, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Najib Razak broke his election promise to repeal the Internal Security Act (ISA) by reintroducing detention without trial through the recent amendment to the PCA.

“SUARAM is concerned that human rights in Malaysia remain under serious threat as the government severely limits the freedoms of expression, peaceful assembly and association while permitting detention without trial, ignoring police brutality and compromising the rights of indigenous peoples and minority groups,” said Nalini.

Nalini said this in an open letter by Suaram which was sent to Ban Ki Moon and Madamme Navanethem Pillay, and it was published on Suaram’s Facebook page.

She said, Suaram condemns the unacceptable human rights violations taking place in Malaysia and calls on the international community to urge Najib to immediately stop the harassment and intimidation of democracy activists and human rights defenders.

“The United Nations has an obligation to ensure democracy and human rights are upheld and not turn a blind eye while supporting the Najib government’s empty rhetoric of reform.

“The Malaysian government must not get away with playing lip service to human rights and democracy in an attempt to retain its position on the UN Human Rights Council,” said Nalini.

NGO Reveals Umno-BN used Government Machinery in GE-13


SUBANG JAYA, 19 Sept: The non-governmental organisation (NGO) which monitored the 13th General Election (GE-13) found that many Umno-BN campaigns abused federal and state government machinery.

Witness, Yasmin Masidi from the Independent Election Monitoring Body (Pemantau) found that government machinery, including that of Felda, Felcra and government-linked companies (GLCs) were abused during this period.

She said that 22 percent of reports received from the entire Parliamentary area referred to the issue of the use of federal and state government machinery.

Thus, Yasmin, who presented the report of observation based on feedback from 2,000 Pemantau volunteers, concluded that the GE was not clean.

“Pemantau concluded that the GE-13 was not fully independent and fair,” she said.

Yasmin said that Pemantau also urged a number of improvements to the electoral law to ensure a clean and fair.

Among them, she said, is to amend several rules of law to respect the principle of freedom to meet the aspirations of the Federal Constitution.

21 Families of Senior Citizens Receive Contributions from Sri Muda DUN


SHAH ALAM, 19 Sept: Suhaimi Shafei took the opportunity to visit and present daily necessities to 21 families of senior citizens at the Sri Muda State Legislative Assembly (DUN).

The Senior Citizen’s Cara Visit programme aims to greet and help ease the burden of the group.

Suhaimi said that all assistance should be done holistically in addition to ensuring that it reaches the recipients, regardless of race and ethnicity.

“This home visiting programme is not simply to deliver donations, but it gives space for the residents to voice out local problems, such as drainage and pothole problems.

“In line with the slogan to pursue Selangor’s excellence, we celebrate all levels of society,” he said, adding that the programme, since Ramadan, will continue throughout the village.

During the two-day visit, Suhaimi visited 21 homes around Kampung Baru Hicom, Jalan Kebun, Sri Proton Flats, Section 27, Alam Megah and Bukit Naga.

The senior citizens were happy with Suhaimi’s visit and were grateful that local leaders were concerned about the elderly.

CM: Gather Talented Engineers to Plan the State’s Development


BANDAR UTAMA, 16 Sept: The Selangor Government wants to gather as many talented engineers as possible to help in the planning or urban development in the state.

Describing it as important, the Chief Minister, Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim, said that the need is becoming more urgent, especially in Selangor as it is rapidly developing.

“It is one of the challenges for Selangor to grab opportunities presented in the Greater Kuala Lumpur-Klang Valley plan.

“Talented engineers can help the state government develop infrastructure and efficient transportation system in major cities in the Klang Valley,” he said.

Abdul Khalid said this at the closing ceremony of the Engineering Invention and Innovation Expo (EINIX) 2013 organised by the Institute of Engineers, Malaysia here at the 1Utama shopping complex yesterday.

He hopes that the Institute of Engineers, Malaysia (IEM) is able to produce more talented engineers to help the state government realise an efficient network of infrastructure and public services.

“This is a challenge to IEM. Perhaps, IEM is able to find and feature more engineers through the organisation of this expo,” he said.

IEM which was established in 1959 is a professional body that serves over 30,000 members in Malaysia and abroad.

Themed ‘Commercialisation of Engineering’, EINIX was organised in conjunction with the Malaysian Engineering Week 2013 to showcase the creative inventions and innovative products from undergraduate and postgraduate students.

This year’s EINIX saw a total of 22 participants from eight local and international universities.