Dayangku Intan Wants the Rakyat to Rise Up and Tumble Umno-BN

KUALA LUMPUR, 14 Nov: The full support from artists to Umno-BN for more than 50 years has oppressed them and their welfare has been ignored.

41 year old popular 90s singer, Dayangku Intan Tengku Hamid, better known as Dayangku Intan, shared her experience.

“As an artist I am experiencing such a fate while all this time I’ve been supporting Umno-BN.”

“They take advantage of us. Umno-BN only cares about themselves and elite groups involved with them,” she said in her speech at the Pakatan Rakyat talks in Setapak last night.

She said that Umno-BN only puts effort into caring about artists’ welfare when they see how many from the group has risen and are opposing their rule.

“Now with the people’s uprising, they realise that they have to look after the rakyat’s welfare including the artists’ by giving aid and promising various things to ensure further support,” she said.

Because of that, she said, the rakyat has to rise up and topple the Umno-BN government in the upcoming elections to ensure that their future is taken care of.

Dayangku Intan also entertained the 3, 000 attendees of the talks with several of her popular songs like “Berpaut Di Dahan Cinta”.

Dayangku Intan joined PKR last April.

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