PAKSI and MBI Work Together to Initiate Malay Culture Programme

SHAH ALAM, 16 Nov: In efforts to instil cultural arts in Selangor, the Seniman Paksi Rakyat Organisation (Paksi) has planned cultural roadshow programmes in every district with support from Menteri Besar Selangor Incorporated (MBI) as well as the Local Authorities.

The programme which is themed ‘Ilmuan Budaya bersama Rakyat’ (loosely translated as ‘Learning Culture with the Rakyat’) was held for the first time in Klang. The programme is aimed at spreading cultural arts in hopes of attracting the new generation to understand it and at the same time to popularise the art in the future.

According to Paksi’s President, Che Shamsuddin Othman or better known as Dinsman, this programme is aimed at reviving the Malay heritage as well as to bring back artists that are being forgotten by this generation.

He said that in some communities, cultural arts are exclusive and highly respected. For many Malays, it is as though they have forgotten their ancestral heritage.

“The tradition of Malay art is a reflection of their values, mind-sets and worldview. Like literature, theatrical art is the result of Malay common sense. Cultural arts in the Malay community has existed for ages.”

“However, this almost seems forgotten by the current generation, so we want to pave the way in introducing culture to the children of this generation so that they can preserve the arts.”

“We call this program “Ilmuan Budaya Bersama Rakyat”. We had previously called it “budayawan bersama rakyat “. Why now “Ilmuan Budaya “? The reason is because we want to raise awareness of appreciating knowledge. We want to just have art festivals, but we also want to fill these activities with knowledge, “he said when contacted.

A variety of activities were featured, including poetry recital by the nation’s literary icons Datuk A.Samad Said, Ibrahim Ghafar, Pyanhabib, Sani Sudin and Shaharir Prof Mohd Zain and ‘gamelan’ music performance, ‘cempuling’ , Seranten silat demonstration, and a discussion of current issues with Datuk Dr Anwar Ridwan and songs by Zurinah Hassan.

In the program as well, Paksi will also be presenting the Local Humanist Award.

“We will choose the most qualified cultural figures to be given recognition through this award in every district, in Klang recently we choose the actors, Ruminah Sidek won the award,” he said.

Dinsman said, every organization of the program in nine counties will be applied to variations between the organization, for example in schools, mosques and weddings.

“Although we intentionally make a difference because we are targeting all groups for the program, for example in mosques, weddings and school children, let us close with them,” he said.

The roadshow will be held in nine districts in Selangor which began in Klang, Rawalpindi, Cape Coral and other areas followed starting 10 November.

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