Selangor Should Hurry Local Government Elections

SHAH ALAM, 22 Nov: Subang Jaya Assemblyman, Hannah Yeoh is urging the State Government to not delay Local Government Elections.

She said that a few years ago, the State Government had already spent money on researching the implementation of Local Government elections in Selangor.

However, the results of the research and the estimated cost to implement it are not known.

She said that Penang is already in the process of implementing local government elections in January next year.

“In relation to that, it is fair; considering that the state is rich and developed, that the State Government stops delaying the matter because the local residents have the power to choose their council members.”

“Local Government Elections will ensure that the best person is picked to serve in the Local Authorities.”

“Therefore, the State Government should stop delaying the implementation of local state elections,” she said in the Selangor State Assembly sitting.

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