Yaakob – Farmers Income Targeted at RM3, 000

KUALA LANGAT, 12 Nov: To continue the development of agriculture in Selangor, the State Government targets farmers to earn RM 3,000 and above per month from the proceeds of their cultivation.

Selangor Agricultural Modernisation, Natural Resources Management and Entrepreneurial Development Exco, Dr. Yaakob Sapari said that this would be done through research to modernise and improve crop harvest.

Yaakob said that the State Government would also ensure that only farmers get agricultural land and not those who were not involved in the industry.

To achieve this goal, the State Government also hopes that the farmers would market their produce without a middle man to save costs.

He said that this approach can reduce the cost of expenditure as much as RM 500 to RM 700 per month.

Agriculture is a field that will provide handsome returns should farmers pay serious attention to it,” Yaakob said in during the visitation session at the Permanent Food Production Park (TKPM) here at Kampung Sungai Kelambu.

“We also want the youth to participate in agriculture especially university graduates.”

“This way agriculture can be developed because of participation from the educated,” he said.

“With the determination from the State and all parties involved, it has been recorded that Selangor produces about 60 percent of the country’s agriculture.”

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