Dr Aziz Bari: Malay Privileges Cannot be Amended Without Consent of the Malay Rulers

SHAH ALAM, 13 Dec: The Malay community has been reminded to not continue to allow themselves to be frightened by Umno-BN of supposedly losing privileges should Pakatan Rakyat (PR) take over the administration of the country after the elections.

This is because Article 153 (regarding the position and privileges of the Malays, Bumiputeras as well as the rights of other races) in the Malaysian Constitution can not be amended without the consent of the Council of Rulers (Majlis Raja-raya Melayu) even by obtaining two-thirds of votes in parliament.

This was according to constitutional expert, Dr Abdul Aziz Bari, when contacted by TV Selangor today.

“What is being said by Umno is drivel, it cannot happen. Even we do not understand what Umno is spinning because such things cannot happen unless it is with the consent of the kings,” Aziz said.

It is therefore imperative for the Malays community to review the Constitution of Malaysia so as to not to be manipulated by Umno-BN’s false facts in order to protect their power.

According to Aziz, when Umno amended Article 181 [2] to remove the immunity of the Malay Rulers in the constitutional crisis in 1993, it clearly reflected the attitude of Umno thugs against the rulers by amending the matter by force.

“Mahathir seemed to reject the amendment which needs the consent of the kings. Umno behaves as if they were Sultans and kings.

“In PR we are not frivolous, not rude like Umno. This is because they are still playing at the issue. However when they cursed the kings, it was the same. They do not care about the provisions, they did not care,” he said.

Aziz also reminded legal practitioners in Umno to give proper advice to their leaders.

“Refer to the constitution and the people who know it, if you want to listen to Umno, they would even say that Malaysia can be converted to a Christian nation,” Aziz added.

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