Musa Hassan Accused of Being a ‘Traitor’ for the Exposé for the Good of Police and Country

SHAH ALAM, 6 Dec: Tan Sri Musa Hassan has pointed out that although there are those who label him as being a ‘traitor’ for revealing interference occurring in police affairs, it has been done in the interest of the police force itself.

The former Chief of Police said that his exposé of the interference of Home Minister, Datuk Seri Hissammuddin Hussein is so that police professionalism is preserved as stated by the law.

Previously, Musa had revealed that during his administration, Hishammuddin had given orders to subordinate police officers without consulting him.

He had said this in the 16th Daily Herald Discourse (Wacana Sinar Harian kali ke-16), highlighting the topic “Political Thug, Where is Our Honour”.

Musa is a former Chief of Police who held the position for four years since 2006 before being replaced by Tan Sri Ismail Omar on 13 September 2010.

He said that political interference is contrary to Section 4 (1) of the Police Act 1967, which says that the direction and control of the police is under the Inspector General of Police (IGP) and not under the authority of the Minister.

On the same topic, he said that political thugs can be overcome if the Police would act in a fair manner to all political parties.

“The police cannot be unfair. If a complaint has been made by Pakatan Rakyat or the Government (Umno-BN), they will have to conduct investigations.

“Once they see an intruder trespassing the area, it is there where the police will have to act,” he said in reference to the brawl at the PKR talks in Gombak on the night of the 4th of December which had left two PR supporters injured.

The fight is believed to be triggered by Gombak Division Umno supporters.

“If there are talks held at a certain place, the police has to disallow talks by another party in the same area.

“It will cause a clash on both sides,” he said.

Also appearing in this discourse were the President of the Integrity Institute of Malaysia, Datuk Dr Mohd Tap Salleh, Hulu Selangor MP, P. Kamalanathan and the PAS Legal Advisor, Hanipa Maidin.

This discourse also featured the moderator, Prof Datuk Mohamad Abu Bakar from the University of Malaya.

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