Rukun Tetangga Cannot Curb Banditry and Robbery in Sections 7,8,10, Sunway Mentari

KUALA LUMPUR, 10 Dec: The residents of Section 7, 8, 10 and Sunway Mentari here have to live in fear when robbery and burglary have been increasing over the past few years.

Although the people in the are have started neighbourhood patrolling, crime rate is still increasing.

According to the Kelana Jaya MP, Loh Gwo Burne, within a month, his office received at least 10 complaints relating to robbery and burglary.

His own office, located in Section 8, has also been the target of criminals.

“My office itself has been a target for about 10 times, including burglary, fuse and cable theft.

“Fortunately, no valuables are stored here,” Gwo Burne said in a press conference held at his office today.

According to Gwo Burne, the police should take drastic measures to set up booths or police stations to monitor the areas.

“The only nearest station is in Sungai Way, about 15 minutes from here or it may take longer depending on traffic and other things.

“The ‘Umbrella Operations’ (Ops Payung) has not been much of an impact. This is because the police place their officers at a location for only two, three days before moving to another place,” he said.

Umbrella Ops is an operation method where three to four police officers are put on duty to prevent crime under an umbrella which is equipped with a table and a chair.

According to the Vice Chairman of the Taman Sri Subang Rukun Tetangga, Mansor Ibrahim, their patrols are not effective in curbing crime in that area.

“The patrolling we conduct only gives residents some sense of security, but crime is still occurring.

“Moreover, if criminals use weapons such as machetes, it would certainly be dangerous for volunteers who are not allowed to carry weapons like that,” said Mansor, who is also the Vice President of Taman Sri Subang PJS 10 Residents Association.

Mansor also added that actions to curb crime from further occurring in the area is mostly endeavored by the local residents compared to the police themselves.

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