SAMM: Police Never Apologised to Aminulrasyid’s Family

SHAH ALAM, 6 Dec: As of today, the police and the Home Minister have not issued a public apology to the family of Aminulrasyid Amzah, who was shot dead by the police.

“Although we have pressed them repeatedly, the police did not withdraw the criminal charges and still will not admit that the machete was a ‘planted evidence’.

“Do not ever forget that the police had fired 21 shots to stop an ordinary car, not a tank and this is beyond reasonable doubt,” said SAMM’s Director of Propaganda, Edy Noor Reduan in a media statement.

Aminulrasyid, 15 years old, was shot dead by the police while he was driving a car belonging his sister in a chase between 1 -2 am at Jalan Tarian 11/2, Section 11, here, on the 26th of April last year.

After the early morning incident, the Selangor Contingent Police claimed that the police had opened fire on the car because it was claimed that Aminulrasyid tried to run down the police officers who were in pursuit of him.

Police also alleged that Aminulrasyid was a criminal as he was supposedly in possession of a machete which was found in the car that he was driving.

However, during the court trial, Aminulrasyid’s friend who was in the car at the time said that Aminulrasyid was shot dead in the head.

This had caused Aminulrasyid to lose control of the car thus crashing it onto the pavement and plunging it into the drain.

During the trial, no evidence was put forward that a machete was found in his car.

Yesterday, the Shah Alam High Court freed Corporal Jenain Subi 49, of his charges of causing Aminulrasyid’s death.

The decision was made after Judge Datuk Abdul Rahman Sebli had heard the policeman’s appeals against the five-year prison sentence imposed on him by the Shah Alam Sessions Court in September last year.

“With numerous false accusations, without any remission from the police and KDN (Home) ministers, and the latest ‘illogical’ court decision, where is justice for my late brother Aminulrasyid?

“Jenain is let free while the late Aminulrasyid’s family is grieving the loss of the supposed ‘child criminal’, a term created by the police, without justice,” he added firmly.

Therefore, SAMM maintains that police negligence should be recognised and the person who took the shot should be sentenced accordingly so that no further incidences of police shootings in public would happen without proper consideration, Edy Noor said.

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