Studies Have Been Confirmed, Reparation of Landslide Areas Have Commenced

SHAH ALAM, 2 Dec: In addition to studies conducted to identify areas that are at risk to the occurrence of landslides, the Selangor State Government has also been actively conducting works to reinforce and repair land structures of landslide areas.

The land reinforcement works and road repairs involves areas that are sensitive and are at a high risk in Hulu Langat including areas that landslide incidents have occurred recently.

Chief Minister, Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim said that the people in the Hulu Langat will have to be more prepared and alert towards any land movement, especially now, during the rainy season.

Last week, heavy rains caused a landslide small rubble behind the kitchen walls of the Perkid welfare home, near Kajang.

Meanwhile, on the 29th of November, five people were injured after their vehicle plunged in a landslide in Jalan Kerchau, near the Semenyih dam.

Consumer Affairs, Environment and Selangor Tourism Exco, Elizabeth Wong also reminded owners of private property to take responsibility for their own land.

“For land owners, they are responsible for their own land to build buffer zones in their respective areas. There has to be buffer zones.

“For residences that have extended their homes close to hills, be wary. If possible, change the usage of rooms near the hill.

“For example, if the extension room is used as a bedroom, convert it to something else as it is dangerous,” she said when contacted by TV Selangor.

Elizabeth also said that for the last three years, the State Government through the Ampang Jaya Municipal Council (MPAJ) with the collaboration of NGOs, has been actively conducting various awareness programmes in providing information on early signs of a landslide.

“Landslides do not happen suddenly. Before a landslide there are early signs that can be identified and if detected early, lives and property can be saved,” said Elizabeth.

According to Elizabeth among the first signs of before a landslide happens is the increasing inclination of trees, utility poles, retaining walls and fences.

Other signs include the soil becoming very wet, the sudden appearance of the springs, cracks and swelling of soil, streets or sidewalks, straight lines on the road becoming crooked, broken or leaking pipes.

Residents should be cautious if there is a door or window their house that cannot be closed as it should usually.

Regarding the same issue, Abdul Khalid said that he would announce the location of the landslide-prone areas after the State Government completes its research.

“We want to inform the people where the very sensitive places are because should we not give early notice, it could endanger the public. In a month’s time, I willl announce the areas which have been deemed to be sensitive areas.

“Residents (and), neighbours, need to be prepared,” said Abdul Khalid when met after the Mosque Management Workshop at the State Mosque recently.

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