MPSJ Launches ‘Service Gateway’ To Facilitate Customers


SUBANG JAYA, 15 JAN: To improve the quality of its services, Subang Jaya Municipal Council (MPSJ) has launched an MPSJ Service Gateway which will provide new services such as a Call Centre, a One Stop Centre (OSC) Counter, InC2 Counter as well as various other services this year.

MPSJ President, Datuk Asmawi Kasbi said that the services created at MPSJ would be the first among Local Authorities (PBT) in Selangor.

“The main objective is to facilitate customers in obtaining information relating to services provided as well as to facilitate customers in channelling any complaints and problems as well as to make recommendations or any transactions related to MPSJ bill payments,” he said at the Launching Ceremony of the MPSJ Service Gateway at Dewan Kenangan, here at MPSJ.

The ceremony was officiated by the Selangor State Government Deputy Secretary, Datuk Mohamad Roslan Sakiman.

In the meantime, the Call Centre services provides complaints management services and will be a collection and distribution centre for complaints as well as to channel all information related to MPSJ without having to be connected to other departments.

Where else the OSC counter services will be provided for technical services such as planning permit and land development applications, building plan approvals as well as additional approvals for residential renovations.

With these services, customers do not have to move from one department to another technical department for an application because all can be resolved by one OSC counter.

In addition, InC2 Counters are the MPSJ main service counters which will further be enhanced by having only one queue number, all dealings and transactions can be carried out under one counter at the same time, without having to move to other counters or departments.

Asmawi said that all matters relating to assessment tax, licensing, compound fees, dog licence application as well as bill payments can be carried out quickly and easily.

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