Video: 2013 Chinese New Year Message 2013 From The Chief Minister of Selangor

Salutations of Peace and Goodwill.

In the Chinese calendar, on Saturday, February 9, the Chinese community in Malaysia and the world will be having family dinners to mark the arrival of the Chinese New Year which will be celebrated starting from Sunday, 10 February 2013. This New Year is the year of the snake.

I am taking this opportunity on behalf of myself and the state of Selangor to congratulate and to wish prosperity to the Chinese community, particularly from Selangor, and to the rest of Malaysia.

“Xin Nian Kuai Le”

The two Chinese traditions, eating with family and giving out ang pau to children should be promoted among the people of various races, this state in particular. Furthermore, the ratio of the state population in Selangor, which is 5.3 million people, is almost balanced with 51% being from the Malay community and 49% of other races.

During this Chinese New Year celebrations, I believe that our friends from the Chinese community will always ‘open their home doors’ and happily welcome visits from friends of other races.

The attitude of being caring and shared prosperity is in line with the state government policy that helps the people through various welfare programs under the Merakyatkan Ekonomi Negeri Selangor policy since leading the Selangor Government in March 2008.

For the Chinese community, we have allocated RM5 million for Kampung Baru in the 2013 Budget. Aside from that, we have also provided an allocation of RM3 million a year for Non-Muslim Places of Worship which has never before been given by Barisan Nasional.

Since 2009, we have allocated RM6 million a year for Chinese national-type schools (SJKC) and RM2 million a year for private secondary schools.

According to the Chinese horoscope for the year 2013, which is symbolised by a snake, it is said that this year marks a period which will affect the lives of most people. For Malaysians, perhaps the 13th general elections this year will also change the federal government. This means that all Malaysians must prepare to make changes. This time lah!

Therefore, as Malaysians from a multiracial background should vote during the upcoming 13th general elections. In addition to retaining the state government in Selangor Darul Ehsan, we are also endeavouring to form a new central government that is fair, not corrupt and attentive to all Malaysians.

Finally, I would like to remind everyone to always be careful and to be considerate when driving. Hopefully, you will safely reach your destination.

That is all. Once again, I would like to say “Xin Nian Jin Bu. Huan Shi Ru Yi “.

(Hopefully you will change and become better in the new year)

“Ping An Ji Xiang He Jia Wang.”

“Min Lian Xin Zheng Guo Yun Zhuan”

(Peace and prosperity ensures family peace, Pakatan Rakyat’s new politics changes the fate of the Country.)

Thank you.

Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim

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