In Some Areas In Selangor There Are More Voters Than Residents


KUALA LUMPUR, 4 Mar: The Selangor Democratisation Project found that there are constituency areas where the amount of voters far surpasses the residents, altogether strengthening claims that there are discrepancies in the electoral role which will be used in the upcoming elections.

The State Government’s checks at Bestari Jaya Utara for example found that there are 1,788 residents but 3,589 voters.

Meanwhile in the Ijok constituency, which is represented by the Selangor Chief Minister Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim, also recorded an increase of 721 new voters who could not be identified.

Abdul Khalid said this in his presentation at the 13th General Elections open conference here, today.

“The State Government is concerned about the democratic rights of the people in this state, that is why the State Government is taking measures to identify voters in Selangor to ensure the rights of the people to choose a government,” said Abdul Khalid.

The same report also showed that until the fourth quarter of 2012, there are 497,084 new voters in Selangor from the total 1,924,281 registered voters.

From the 497,084 new voters who were checked, 134,675 or 28 percent of them could not be identified.

According to Abdul Khalid, the Election Commission (EC) ignored requests from the State Government to identify the 134,000 voters.

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