Cempaka PAS Forms “Haul Squad” to Help Apartments with Disrupted Water Supply


AMPANG, 13 Apr: Cempaka State Legislative Assembly (DUN) PAS formed a water crisis operations room following the pipe burst in Batu Caves which resulted in a water outage for three days for the residents of Gombak and Kuala Lumpur.

According to the Cempaka DUN Election Machinery Director, Meor Rithuan Mohamed Said, the DUN also formed a “Haul Squad” to assist residents in the area to obtain water supply.

He said that 10 water pumps have been provided to pump water to the top floor of apartments affected by the water outage.

Meor Rithuan added that his organisation was peeved due to the irregular water delivery schedule and the insufficient water supply from the Selangor Water Supply Company (Syabas).

“We monitor the water deliveries. We are grateful to Syabas for sending water supply.

“We hope that when incidents like this happen, Syabas will place static tanks to facilitate the public,” he said in a press conference.

It was reported that the water supply outage around Batu Caves, Gombak and Hulu Kelang is already being reconnected in stages.

For any water supply assistance in the Cempaka constituency and surrounding areas, the public can call the following numbers:

Zahrizan – 016 2806132

Mohamad – 013 2469027

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