‘Want to Restore the People of Sementa’s Dignity’


KAPAR, 23 Apr: Sementa State Legislative Assembly (DUN) PKR candidate, Dr Daroyah Alwi said that he wants to restore the dignity of the people which was tainted in the 2008 General Election.

“I want to restore the dignity of Sementa DUN which was tainted in 2008 for being unable to send the candidate to the DUN to solve problems,” he said when met after a socialising session with the people at the Kapar Town Morning Market.

In the 2008 election, BN candidate, Datuk Abdul Rahman Palil won unopposed.

Regarding Umno-BN’s allegations that he is an outsider and not a local, Dr Daroyah quickly rejected the allegations.

Dr Daroyah insisted that he is a local who was born at Bukit Kapar.

“I’m not an outsider. I was born at Bukit Kapar. Previously, before it was separated, Bukit Kapar was under the Sementa DUN.

“A lot of my relatives live here. This is my area. I wonder why people say I’m an outsider,” he said.

Meanwhile, also participating in the social programme was PKR candidate for the Kapar Parliamentary seat, G.Manivannan.

Manivannan said that the self-introduction period is important because he is a ‘new face’ although he is a child of Selangor.

“I believe that the people of Kapar can accept it for the sake of continuing the excellence of the former Kapar MP, S Manikasagam.

“The acceptance of the people until now has been very encouraging. We have the support of Branch leaders and YB Mike himself,” he said.

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