Mat Taib: Umno Never Opened the Al-Quran When Managing the Party


HULU LANGAT, 2 May: The former Chief Minister of Selangor, Tan Sri Muhammad Muhd Taib claims that Umno-BN had never opened the Al-Quran when managing the party when he was a member and leader of the party.

Although Umno-BN is responsible in the development and the construction of mosque institutions and religious schools, they have never fulfilled demands as taught in the Al-Quran.

Better known as Mat Taib, this action differs from the fight by PAS which takes full credibility of Ulamas and religious scholars in driving the party administration which even makes the Al-Quran a guide to their fight.

“During my time in the party (Umno-BN) from the lowest level to Malaysia, I apologise ladies and gentlemen, Umno had never once opened the Al-Quran.

“Has the Branch Chief and everyone here opened the Al-Quran, follow the teachings of the Quran when administering the party? Did you know?” he asked the residents of Kampung Jawa.

According to him, this is different from Umno-BN, PAS leaders are guided by the clergy while balanced by professionals as well as making the Al-Quran a guide of the fight.

Also present was the PAS candidate who is also the Hulu Langat Parliament incumbent. Dr Che Rosli Che Mat and the PAS candidate for the Dusun Tua constituency, Razaly Hassan.

Mat Taib stressed that Pakatan Rakyat is ready to govern the country based on the demonstrated capability while administering Selangor.

This is followed by the selection of credible candidates against Umno-BN despite them chanting ‘transformation’.

“PR is ready and has enough people to govern Putrajaya.

With a confident tone, Mat Taib believes that Selangor will continue to be governed by Pakatan Rakyat and to govern Perak again and hopes to be the new government in Putrajaya.

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