Police Arrest Local Citizens, Free Foreigners


KLANG, 12 May: Member of Parliament for Klang, Charles Santiago questioned the credibility of the police in carrying out investigations against six individuals regarding the detaining of two buses believed to be transporting foreign nationals during the recent 13th General Election (GE-13).

He stressed that the police and the Election Commission (EC) need to be professional in carrying out their duties and to take action on the overall information provided to prevent injustice.

He said that it was improper for the police to be selective with the arrest of the six individuals because at the same time, there have been no arrests and charges against dubious voters.

“Why is it that in the last 24 hours, the police have arrested three people who detained dubious voters but at the same time, they released those foreign workers?

“The police are supposed to be fair and I have also asked the EC to come and determine that the 18 dubious voters who were on the bus are voters or not,” said Charles.

He said this during a press conference with the three arrested individuals; Lim Siong Kuan, 32, Liow Mun Ho, 23, Yap Kwee Heng, 37, at a restaurant here in Pandamaran.

He said that he has photographic evidence that one of the 18 individuals had stains of the indelible ink and he urged the police and the EC to investigate if the foreign worker has the right to vote.

“The EC and the police need to solve this issue immediately and to not just make selective allegations,” he said.

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