Sallehin: Restructuring of Sabak Bernam Town Development to Boost Economy


SABAK BERNAM, 17 May: The restructuring of the Sabak Bernam Town has to be done to boost economy and to increase quality jobs for the local community.

Sabak Assemblyman, Sallehin Mukhyi said the effort is also important to reduce the poverty rate in Sabak Bernam which is said to be the highest in Selangor and to improve the living standards of other residents.

Sallehin said that most of the infrastructure and buildings in the town, such as the market, was dilapidated while many of the youth leave the area due to lack of employment opportunities.

He said that the upgrading and redevelopment efforts of the town are among his three main tasks in his first term as the Assemblyman.

“There are many poor communities in Sabak Bernam who live in this area which has not been restructured for a long time.

“Therefore, it hinders economic competition with the limited needs,” he said when met. He said that he will open a constituency Service Centre in the town in the near future.

In the meantime, Sallehin asked for the Selangor Pakatan Rakyat information machinery to intensify efforts to enlighten the residents of Northern Selangor regarding programmes under the (MES) agenda.

Sallehin hopes that the State Government press, Selangorkini, will be more widely distributed in northern Selangor so that the residents will be able to access more information regarding the State Government’s programmes.

He said that the group of those who are aged receive less information from the State Government and relies on information from the mass media controlled by Umno-BN.

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