Appeal for Public Contribution to Help Two Children with Epidermolysis


KUALA SELANGOR, June 11: The PKR Director of the People’s Complaints Bureau, S Manikavasagam appealed to the public to contribute to two siblings, Koovalan Mathimaran, 14, and Yuwarasan, 12, who are suffering from Epidermolysis Bullosa Dystrophip.

According to him, the donation is needed to help ease the burden of their father to pay for medical costs and to provide special powdered milk which contains high nutrition for Koovalan and Yuwarasan.

“Their situation is so critical that they are in dire need of medical treatment and proper nutrition.

“Their parents cannot afford to provide those needs; even the Department of Welfare only gave an assistance of RM100 only. Is the assistance enough?” he said after visiting the unfortunate children recently.

Meanwhile, the father of th echildren, Mathimaran Krishnan, 50, said that he needs around RM3,000 per month just to buy milk powder and for medical costs for Koovalan and Yuwarasan.

“My income as a contract employee for odd jobs such as cutting grass is quite little; only about RM700 per month. It is really not enough,” said Mathimaran.

According Mathimaran, the doctor that previously treated his children said that the disease suffered by his children can be cured by suggesting that they receive treatment in India.

Koovalan and Yuwarasan who should be in Form Two and Standard Six has to discontinue their schooling due to the illness suffered.

Apart from Koovalan and Yuwarasan, he has an eldest son who still in Form Five in a secondary school in Kuala Selangor and his wife is a housewife.

The public can lend a hand by depositing a contribution to the following accounts: Alli a/p Lokanathan, Account No.: 1-00-72910000126-8 (Agro Bank) or Komagan a/l Mathimaran, Account No.: 0995-29-00044472-1 (Bank Simpanan Nasional)

Additionally, the public can also meet Mathimaran at his residential address here at Lot 801, Kampung Tengah, Assam Jawa, Bukit Rotan Estate or call 016-378 8308.

Epidermolysis Bullosa is a tissue disease which causes the skin to be too fragile thus leaving impressions of blisters in the skin and mucosal membranes throughout the body.

This disease can also cause death if not treated immediately.

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