CM Meets Federal to ask for Contribution for people of Port Klang


SHAH ALAM, June 17: The Selangor Government will hold discussions with the National Economic Planning Unit (UPEN) to discuss the contribution of tax revenue collected by the Customs Department for the people of Klang.

Selangor Chief Minister, Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim said that the contribution will enable the residents of Port Klang to enjoy better infrastructural facilities at par with the image of Klang as a port city.

“We have taken some steps to discuss with UPEN to explain to the contribution from the Klang District to the economy of Selangor and Malaysia.

“(We) ask for a portion of the revenue obtained from the customs in Port Klang to be used as a budget to improve infrastructure in Klang,” he said in a press conference today.

Abdul Khalid said that the meeting will be done after the first session of the House of Representatives.

Apart from that, Abdul Khalid will also discuss regarding the agreement between the State Government and the Federal Government on the reconstruction of the Free Trade Zone (FTZ) so that it is more viable.

During the 13th General Election campaign, Abdul Khalid said that he would ask for a contribution of three percent from the tax collection and returns obtained from the operations in Port Klang to be used in the area.

This is because the people in Port Klang have to endure many difficulties as the roads in the area are the main route for container trucks to go to and fro from Port Klang.

Among the difficulties borne by the people in Port Klang include high-risk accidents, road damage and environmental pollution.

According to him, the Port Klang Authority profits about RM1 billion every month thus it is appropriate to contribute to the development and repair of the infrastructure, including repairing damaged roads.

Abdul Khalid also said that he will demand for about three percent of the royalties from the revenue gained for the people of Port Klang.

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