Hannah Yeoh: Syabas Needs to Tackle Water Disruptions in Subang Jaya


SUBANG JAYA, June 7: Subang Jaya Assemblywoman, Hannah Yeoh wants the Selangor Water Supply Company (Syabas) to respond to proposals she put forward to tackle the water crisis in Subang Jaya.

According to her, the proposals were made in a joint meeting with representatives of Syabas on 20 May.

Among the proposals was a request for Syabas to upgrade their customer service, especially for the website and the call centre.

Additionally, Syabas needs to establish an early warning system if the water supply in dams in Subang are at a semi-critical state.

“Prior to this, in the event of absence of water, the residents would contact Syabas. Unfortunately, Syabas did not pick up their calls.

“Early warning is important so that the residents can prepare themselves by storing water for their use in the event of a water outage,” she said at a press conference here at her office.

Also present was the Kelana Jaya Member of Parliament, Wong Chen.

Hannah added that Syabas also needs to send water tankers twice a day between 6 to 8 in the morning and 8 to 10 at night.

“Previously, residents complained that Syabas did not send the tanks. They only sent them is the people made calls and pressed Syabas,” she said.

In addition, Wong Chen said that they will make a press conference on this issue because he noticed that Syabas disregards proposals submitted.

“During the meeting, they will respond positively but after more than two weeks, Syabas has been silent.

“We have also sent follow-up emails on the proposals to know the progress, however Syabas has still yet to respond,” he said.

It is understood that the proposals were sent after residents of Subang Jaya, particularly in SS19 faced a water crises for two days.

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