Increase in Selangor Women Exco Members is a Positive Change in Politics

SHAH ALAM, JUNE 3rd – The appointment of four women to important portfolios within the Selangor Exco has invited a positive response from the public.

Selangor’s Pakatan Rakyat has once again become a trend setter in Malaysian politics by giving 4 out of 10 of the state’s Exco portfolios to women especially in the area of women in leadership roles, making it a state administration with the highest rate of women in decision-making positions.

The four women Exco are:

Rodziah Ismail (Welfare and Women’s Affairs),
Dr Halimah Ali (Education, Higher Education, Human Development),
Elizabeth Wong (Tourism, Consumer Affairs, Environment)and
Dr Daroyah Alwi (Health, Entrepreneurship Development, Science, Technology and Innovation)

Ratini Wan Ismail, 27 feels that the appointment of women as significant limbs to the Executive Council is an improvement to Malaysian politics.

“This is a huge progress, especially since the education system is heavily influenced by women.”

“Hopefully, it will develop into a healthy competition between men and women,” she said during a TvSelangor survey today.
Norazimah Mohd Rais, 29 hopes that the leadership of women will continue to have the faith and trust of the people so that there will be continued national development.

“Maintaining the faith of the people to develop Selangor into a equal and fair state is the more important concern,” said the 29 year old private executive.

On the other hand, Koshkinah Mohd Ali, 42 is of the opinion the the previous Exco’s plans should have been carrried forward so that more people could have enjoyed its benefits.
“All women exco members have our full support so that they can act as channels between the state and the people.”

“To YB Rodziah who is in her second term, we would like to thank her for her efforts towards helping women and the urban poor. It is hoped that the next five years will yield greater benefits to the people of the state.”

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