Selangor Ready to Help Pay Legal Costs for Election Petition


BANGI, June 10: The Selangor State Government is ready to provide provisions to pay for the legal costs to anyone who files election petitions.

Chief Minister, Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim said that the move is to ensure efforts to repair the democratic process in this country can run smoothly.

“Those who file suits in court, if we truly find their efforts to be reasonable and we, the State Government through the Democratisation (Programme), will contribute to their legal costs,” said Abdul Khalid when met after officiating the 2nd Shariah Court Sports Closing Ceremony here.

Also according to Abdul Khalid, the State Government previously has fostered cooperation by sharing data acquired through the Selangor Democratisation Programme with parties endeavouring to collect evidence on irregularities for the recent 13th General Election.

The data was acquired through studied conducted by the Selangor Democratisation Programme before the GE-13 took place.

“We also allow for the data to be analysed. The State Government encourages the effort to create a fair and just election,” he added.

Previously, the State Government through the Selangorku Grant took measures to strengthen democracy by providing allocations totalling to RM5 million.

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