Unlicensed Snooker Centre, Cyber Cafe Raided for the Second Time


KLANG, June 7: A snooker centre and a cyber cafe detected to be conducting business with licence along Jalan Meru here has been raided and equipment seized by the Klang Municipal Council (MPK) in an operation which was held yesterday afternoon.

The raid was attended by about 10 enforcement members of MPK which also successfully uncovered online gambling activities which was hidden behind the premises.

NPK Enforcement Officer, Andry Arman Masrom when contacted said that the premise has been raided several times before for the same offense but it was identified they they used different premises names.

According to him, among the equipment seized were snooker tools such as cues and balls, as well as 23 laptops with a total value of RM30,000.

“The raid on the premises was carried out on public information and intelligence enforcement personnel over the past week around this area.

“We have sealed the premises in accordance with Section 6(1) of the Entertainment and Places of Entertainment Act (Selangor) 1995 (Amendment 1998 and 2001) for carrying out entertainment activities without a licence and can be fined up to RM50,000,” he said.

Meanwhile, the cyber cafe which also offers online gambling services was charged under the Cyber Centre and Cyber Cafe By-Laws (MPK) 2007 for the offence of not having a licence and can be fined RM2,000.

He said that during the raid, there was also a group of teenagers who were idly playing there.

However, he explained, all of them were released after their statements were taken.


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