Cartoons Reveal Election Fraud


SHAH ALAM, July 6: A cartoon is easier to understand and is clear even when loaded with messaged that describes the failure that happened during the last 13th General Election (GE-13).

Through exhibitions, a group of cartoonists who call themselves the Independent Cartoonist Group (KKI) hopes that the massaged conveyed through this work of art can be seen by people throughout the country.

The group leader, Zulkiflee Anwar AlHaque or better known as Zunar, said that The group leader, Zulkifli Anwar AlHaque or better known as Zunar said, cartoons has several advantages over other media and presented it easier to butterfly


“Cartoons are visual images that easily stay in people’s minds because it is visual, and there are elements of humour despite the weight of the message it carries,” he said.

Zunar was met during the Cartoonist Against Election Fraud (CAEF) Cartoon Exhibition at the Farmers Market in Section 17, Shah Alam today.

Previously, Zunar and the KKI which comprises of 13 other cartoonists launched a movement to spread awareness about election fraud through their works of art.

In the meantime, the exhibition features over 100 cartoons, including cartoons from Zunar, Megat Roslan Abdul Wahid, Azman Mot Noh and Johny Ong.

Among the works produced are cartoons that convey the message of the non-transparency of the Election Commission (EC), the usage of the indelible ink, foreign voters and the dubious electoral roll.

The group has held exhibitions at Amcorp Mall in Petaling Jaya and the PKNS Complex in Shah Alam since it was launched two months ago.


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