Dr. Idris: Rural Development Should Cover Three Main Aspects


SHAH ALAM, July 3: It is proposed for the State Government to apply three key aspects in efforts to ensure rural development is equal to development in rural areas.

The three main aspects meant is the well-being, safety and health, said Ijok Assemblyman, Dr Idris Ahmad.

He explained, to achieve a harmonious society, the quality of children’s education in rural areas should be improved by adding more tuition centres especially catered for the three main subjects; ENglish, Science and Mathematics.

Under the same aspect, he said that the State Government should also encourage rural agriculture-based investment to increase income and provide job opportunities for rural citizens without having to migrate to the city.

“For the education sector, I propose for the Education Exco to be attentive by setting up more tuition centres for all levels (Standard 1 till Form 5) so that they will receive early preparation before sitting for their examinations.

“The State Government should also encourage investment in rural areas such as investment in agro-based industries because there is a lot of vacant land in rural areas which are not being used,” he said when debating on DYMM the Sultan of Selangor’s address in the Selangor State Assembly (DNS) session here today.

Meanwhile, under the aspect of health, the State Government should consider building hospitals in rural areas to ensure that patients do not have to travel far to receive treatment.

Although the construction of hospitals is under the Federal Government plans, he stressed that the State Government should take early initiative to build hospitals which can provide treatment to patients.

“There are many chronic patients in rural areas who cannot afford to get treatment at hospitals because the hospital locations are too far away from their homes.

“For example, in Kuala Selangor, patients are referred to the Sungai Buloh Hospital or Tanjung Karang to receive treatment when their condition is very critical at the time.

“The State Government does not need to build sophisticated hospitals, just a basic one to provide treatment to patients,” he said.

He added that the third aspect on safety refers to the installation of street lamps at the entrance of villages to reduce crime.

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