MDKL Celebrates Media, Orphans and Asnaf at Iftar


BANTING, July 30: To not forget the less fortunate, 65 orphans and asnaf from the As-Solihin Kanchong Darat Orphanage and Asnaf Centre celebrated a Iftar with the Kuala Langat District Council (MDKL) yesterday.

The celebration which was attended by about 150 local residents, media, employees of MDKL and Tahfiz students from a nearby religious school was held at the compound of the As-Solihin Kaching Darat Orphanage and Asnaf Centre yesterday.

According to the President of MDKL, Mohd Azhar Mohamed Ali, apart from celebrating the media which has helped MDKL a lot in providing its services to the community in Kuala Langat, MDKL also helped to ease the burden of the less fortunate.

“We called the media together with all the orphans here so that we could come together to share a little bit in providing contributions and this is an effort from MDKL to ease the Raya burden.

“There were also a number of companies, factories and so on which were willing to contribute to the orphanage fund,” said Mohd Azhar to TVSelangor.

Among the companies that contributed last night was Emery Olochemical (M) Sdn Bhd which presented a donation of RM5,000.

Meanwhile, the manager of the orphanage, Molyana Mahmud expressed her gratitude and thanks to MDKL, companies that contributed and the media.

“Because of the media’s role, the public and companies know of our existence this allowing us to receive public donations.

“Thanks to the companies willing to contribute and to MDKL for having a celebration with delicious food for the children of the Solihin Orphanage and Asnaf Centre to enjoy tonight.

“Otherwise, they usually eat rice with one dish only, but today we can see that they are very happy to be able to eat delicious food,” she added.


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