Rafizi: Where Did The RM 163 Million For The NFC Project Go To?


KUALA LUMPUR, July 9: The Federal Government should explain how it is going to retrieve the taxpayers’ money wasted on the National Feedlot Centre operation company.

Pandan Parliamentarian, Rafizi Ramli said that this clarification is necessary because there is a part that has not been settled after the National Feedlot Corporation ceased operations and will potentially goes bankrupt.

Rafizi said from the RM250 million loan, RM163 million was awarded to the company.

“Some of the funds have been used to cover non-asset expenses. (This) includes salary, travel allowance and other expenses that cannot be collected because there are no assets.

“The government has also never imposed a personal guarantee against the NFC Director, which is Datuk Seri Sharizat Jalil’s family and no further action was taken,” he said in a press conference at the Parliament Lobby today.

The NFC controversy began when the Auditor General in the 2010 report said that the project, which began in 2006, failed to achieve its set target of supplying beef.

The report said that the operators of NFC were given a RM250 million loan with a four percent interest.

The PKR Strategy Director also said that in a recent report, it was shown that the Federal Government agreed to appoint a new consortium to take over NFC’s operations.

“During the House of Representatives session, I have already asked the amount of assets seized and taken from NFC so far.

“However, the Finance Minister answered that both condominiums at One Menerung, a plot of land in Bangi and a plot of land in Putrajaya has been seized so far.

“He also stated that the NFC operations have been completely discontinued as of late last year,” he said.

“So I assume that the RM163 million fund spent by NFC is considered as being forfeited and cannot be collected anymore,” he said.

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