Selangor Ready to Offer Land to Taman Permata with Conditions


SHAH ALAM, July 31: Today, the Selangor Government is ready to find a parcel of land for the housing project for residents at the Taman Permata Flats in Dengkil after the original choice of land was not agreed upon by the Federal Government.

The State Government will also release funds to acquire the land on condition that the Federal Government guarantees that the land will only be used for the said housing project.

Chief Minister, Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim said, previously the State Government provided 30 acres of land for the housing project promised by the Federal Government to the residents.

The housing project was a replacement to the 400 families who were forced to leave their original homes on three farms in 1998 to give way for the construction of Putrajaya.

The families were housed temporarily the Taman Permata flats. Unfortunately, until now, the Federal Government did not meet its promise to build single-storey terrace houses for them.

“We have a letter from the Federal Government saying that the land we offered for the new development of Taman Permata is not suitable and they have requested for the State Government to find another piece of land.

“The State Government Secretary has already replied to the Central Government that the State Government is ready to take on the responsibility, including the payment for the acquisition of the land on condition that the Central Government guarantees to build it,” said Abdul Khalid.

It was previously reported that the living condition of the residents at Taman Permata became unbearable when the flats that they live in started cracking at the walls and the ceiling.

The flat started having cracks after three years of occupation. Now, the cracks threaten the safety of the residents so much so that some of them have decided to spend the night in tents and the parking area for fear that the building will collapse.

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