Elevate Living Standards Instead of Criminalising Indian Communities

SHAH ALAM 26th AUGUST: The UMNO-BN government needs to make concentrated effort to improve the living standards of the Indian community in Malaysia, instead of subjecting them to negative stereotypes that often associate them with criminal acts.

According to Kapar’s Member of Parliament, Manivannan Gowindasamy, the government should focus on elevating the falling standards of Indian education to prevent them from being lured into a life of crimes.

“What has the government been doing all these while?” he demanded, citing police statistics that estimated 71% of Indian, 23% of Chinese, and less than 5 percent Malay youths are involved with gang-related crimes.

Speaking to TV Selangor, Manivannan suggested that the UMNO-BN government should form both long and short-term policies that can aid Indian communities that are riddled with poverty.

“The leaders of the People’s Coalition are prepared to sit down to talk and offer ideas and formulate a working policy that can help with the Indian welfare,” he said. “We need special assistance in the community entrepreneurship programmes. Indian job opportunities are being taken over by migrant workers, particularly Bangladeshi nationals. Clearly, this is a sign of government failure.”


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