Steps To Help Prevent Deaths of Children Left In Cars While Ministry Remains Silent

SUBANG JAYA, 29th AUGUST – The Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development must act quickly to prevent any furthers deaths of children left in motor vehicles, said the State Assemblywoman of Subang Jaya, Hannah Yeoh.

Parents should be aware that their cars are not the safest place to leave their children unattended, even for a few minutes, she asserted.

“The Kelana Jaya MP, Wong Chen, and I have sent a letter of proposal for the prevention of this case on July 22nd to the ministry, but to date action has yet to be taken.”

“We intend for the ministry to ensure that there will be no more negligence that will result in another senseless death of a child,” she said in a press conference at her office today.

The statement was referring to the recent death in July that shocked Malaysia when 3-year old Nawal Iris Samsudin was found dead after being left unattended inside a car for five hours in USJ4, Subang Jaya.

A similar incident took place in Ipoh recently when a little boy was rescued by the fire department after being trapped inside a car for almost 30 minutes.

Hannah said it was necessary to pressure the ministry into presenting the full statistics of negligence that is causing such deaths in the nation.

“They should release the case’s official data. I believe there are more unreported deaths of children caused by parental neglect,” she said.


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