Charges High on TNB Digital Meters, PKR launches ‘Check Your TNB Meter’ Website


PETALING JAYA, August 16: The accuracy of the newly introduced digital electric meters by Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) is dubious due to high monthly charges incurred by consumers, said Datuk Chua Jui Meng.

At a press conference at the headquarters, the PKR Vice President said that this is following complaints from the public about the new electricity meters compared to the previous meters.

Thus, he said that the People’s Justice Party (PKR) has launched a ‘Check Your TNB Meter’ website to put pressure on TNB and the Energy Commission (EC) to establish an independent body to check the digital electric meters.

He invited the public to visit the site at and sign the online petition in protest.

“Our target is to receive 10,000 signatures and submit the petition to TNB and the EC to establish the independent body.

“We want the truth to be revealed, whether the new digital meters are damaged or accurate? If damaged, the consumers can claim a refund from TNB.

“If accurate, consumers can learn to manage their energy usage more efficiently,” said the member of the Special Committee established to address the issue.

Speaking to TVSelangor, Wong Chen said that over 1,000 complaints have been received by residents of Kelana Jaya regarding the problem.

“On average, the increase in monthly charges is at 15 percent. Previously, some were not charged but when changed to the new meter, it increased to RM90,” he said.

TNB has changed the electromechanical switch to digital switches since 2011 in compliance with the Standard Operating Procedure which stipulates for electromechanical switches to be changed every 15 years and for digital switches to be changed every 10 years.

To date, TNB has failed to take appropriate action to address the complaints.

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