Anwar Warns Against Redelimitation Or Face Bersih 4.0


SHAH ALAM SEPT 26th: Pakatan Rakyat will not allow the issue of redelimitation of constituencies to be debated in Parliament if it is not done transparently and fairly, said Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

“I warned the government and the Electoral Commission (EC) that the Coalition will not allow any corrupt practices, and a fraudulent EC to be presented and debated on redelimitations,” he said.

Anwar made the statement in New York City last Sunday during a question and answer session with about 100 participants, mostly Malaysians studying and working in the United States.

As quoted by Malaysia Kini, the Opposition leader said the decision was reached after consulting with BERSIH Chairperson, Datuk S. Ambiga, and National Laureate, A. Samad Said.

“If they went ahead (with the delimitation), there will be problems. I can promise this to you, both inside and outside the Parliament, that we will turn it into a big issue. We will not give in,” he said.

Redelimitation process is expected to begin by the end of this year. It is seen to have a significant impact on the results of the next general election.

Previously, PKR Strategy Director, Rafizi Ramli said people will vehemently object to the redelimitation issues through Bersih 4.0 if it will be implemented without just principles and agreed by all parties.

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