Black Oil Disposal Cause of Contamination


Rawang, 3rd Sept: Used black oil disposal practice by a factory that was contracted to process waste illegally is believed to be the culprit behind the recent water contamination of four rivers that triggered an unscheduled water disruption in several Klang Valley and Kuala Lumpur areas.

According to Selayang Municipal Council Assistant Enforcement Officer, Paramasivam Chelliah, his department was prompted to investigate the factory last August 30th after receiving a report from Lembaga Air Selangor (LUAS) about the contamination.

Investigation found that the oil spill in Sungai Gong had originated from the factory’s repair shop for waste lorry maintenance.

“The factory collected about two tanks worth of black oil from the repair shop that should have been recycled, but instead they were emptied down the drain.”

“We have ascertained that the two lorries were the cause of the contamination. The Department of Environment (JAS) of Selangor have impounded these tanks and they are now in MPS custody,” he said while performing an inspection on the factory.

The oil spill had caused four water treatment plants to shut down temporarily.

The MPS had deployed six Indah Water Consortium Ltd (IWK) lorry tanks to draw the disposed black oil out of the river as a clean-up method.

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