Bumiputera Economic Empowerment Agenda – Umno-BN Bankrupt of New Formulas


The announcement of the Bumiputera Economic Empowerment Agenda by the Prime Minister only confirms that Umno-BN has failed to find a new formula to tackle the problems of the Bumiputera community. While I believe that there are still many from the Bumiputera community who are left behind and need to be helped, this should not necessarily be a racial act. It has to be done transparently, responsibly and efficiently.

We should be concerned because based on past experience, the distribution of shares worth RM54 billion in the name of Bumiputera declined so badly that only RM2 billion was left. It is a moral responsibility for Umno-BN to explain how this happened and who are the shareholders. We also urge for the recipient list of the 1.5 billion shares under the Bumiputera name distributed in 2010 to be exposed.

Keadilan stresses that the principles of the Malaysian Economic Agenda (MEA) which as presented previously by Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, which is about the problems of poverty which is addressed based on needs is fresher and needed by our country. Based on the poverty line indicator used in Malaysia, the incidence of poverty based on ethnicity shows that Bumiputeras cover 2.2%, Chinese 0.3% and Indians 1.8%. It is estimated that there are approximately 300 thousand to 400 thousand poor families, involving about 1 million people.

They consists of Bumiputeras, Sabah and Sarawak natives, Indians, Chinese and indigenous people both in the city and in rural areas, and across all ages.

The inequality of the cost of living in urban and rural areas should also be considered seeing that much economic activities are cornered in the Klang Valley, forcing migration of residents and now, the amount of a third of Malaysians there clearly is not something sustainable for the long term.

Unfortunately, Umno-BN failed to purify the meaning of Article 153 of the Federal Constitution, so much so that it is interpreted this way. Meanwhile, the economic gap between races is highlighted, and what is not stressed on is the real spirit to eradicate poverty across races and tighten the economic gap among races. This will help us see and correct some of the policies that are ultimately enjoyed by the group which should be independent and help those in need.

Keadilan stresses that every citizen of Malaysia is entitled to be assisted to be independent. The fact that there are still many Bumiputeras in need of help should not be denied while we recognise the need the need to address the issues of all appropriate parties with the spirit of Article 8 of the Federal Constitution.

In moving towards a better future, we hope that the needs of Malays will not only be expressed by the Malays, the same with the needs of Indians, Chinese and all other races.

Member of Parliament for Bukit Katil, Malacca
Head, PKR Youth (AMK)

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