Electroshock Weapons For Local Enforcements

teng-pc-stripe-tie-01SUBANG JAYA, 24 SEPT: Officers of the local authorities in the state will soon be equipped with security equipments, such as stun batons and taser guns.

Studies, Research and Local Government Exco, Dato’ Teng Chang Khim, said these self-defence equipments are necessary to ensure the safety of the officers while performing their duties in carrying out risky operations, such as raids or seizures.

According to Teng, his association had already submitted their price quotes. At present they are waiting for approval from the Standards and Industrial Research Institute of Malaysia (SIRIM).

“We have already submitted our application to SIRIM earlier this month, which is still pending for approval. If we get the feedback, we will proceed,” he told reporters after ending the 2014 Budget Dialogue presentation, entitled ‘Strengthening The Local Services‘, at the Grand Dorsett Hotel, Subang Jaya.

Electroshock weapons administer electricity flow that disrupts muscle control, which debilitates the nerve muscles temporarily, and thus incapacitate their target. This is a preferable method, as opposed to guns, as electroshock weapons are not intended to cause extreme pain, unless if the user opted for a particular mode.

Only trained personnels will be given the equipment primarily.

“I still have a balance of RM1 million from the last allocation, which we will use for the time being. If SIRIM’s decision is delayed, then we will use the provision for the next year,” he said.

In other developments, Teng informed that the State Government and local authorities are considering about increasing allowance for overtime. Another item of concern is promotion of officers.

“Existing enforcers will be offered attractive bonuses and higher allowances for their next upgrade to improve their work quality, and essentially the image of local authorities,” he said.

Meanwhile, the State Government is also looking into hiring enforcers on contractual basis to improve the performance of local authority services in their respective territories.

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