Oil Hike the Reason Taxi Maintenance Costs have Increased


SHAH ALAM, 11 SEPT: While most taxis in the Klang Valley use Natural Gas Vehicles (NGV) as taxis, the government’s decision to increase fuel prices still has made an impact.

This is due to the increase in fuel prices which has resulted in the increase in maintenance costs by 30 percent, thus decreasing the net income of taxi drivers.

The Chairman of the Metered Taxi Drivers Task Force (BBPTB), Amran Jan said that most taxis on average logs at about 300 kilometres of travel or 12 to 16 hours a day.

The daily travel distance, he said, makes the maintenance cost of a taxi more than normal private vehicles.

“It impacts the logistic costs because the price of the gas component has now increased by 30 percent. This indirectly affects the maintenance costs of a taxi.

“Our income will run into maintenance costs which have increased too high. It has led to taxi drivers not being able to live,” he told TVSelangor today.

Amran said that taxi drivers who have an estimated average income of RM1,500 are also impacted by the rising prices of essential items just like the rest of the people.

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