Price Hike is not Fate, Islam Defends the Rights of Buyers


SHAH ALAM, SEPT 9: The government should not put the blame on fate alone when the prices of essential goods goes up when there is a group living in luxury.PAS Information Chief, Datuk Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man said, Islam does not only defend the rights of traders, but also cares about the rights of buyers so that a fair concept can be implemented properly.
He said, the hadith quote mentioned by the Chairman of the Umno Young Ulama Secretariat Working Committee (Ilmu), Fathul Bari in the article ‘Price of Goods the Ruling of Allah’ was used in the wrong context.

“It is a fact that it fluctuates, our death is set by Allah but it does not mean that the government can do as they please and blame it on fate.

“If humans (traders) can do that, then we can see that in Islam fair rights is not just for the trader but it has to be just for buyers too.

“This is also the same if we look at the government cutting subsidies for the people and at the same time, the corporate and aristocratic groups are seen as living in exaggerated luxury,” he told TVSelangor.

Tuan Ibrahim said said that the statement should be corrected to avoid misunderstandings, and that Fathul Bari’s statement provides a negative image of Islam.

He said that it is as if Islam allows traders to place prices as they please and think of it as Allah’s provision.

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