RON95 Diesel 20 Sen Hike Per Litre, BN’s Gift To The People


KUALA LUMPUR, SEPT 2nd: It almost seemed as though the fuel price increase is UMNO-BN government’s idea of a gift to the people, which prompts a nationwide tightening of purse strings, the Keadilan Daily suggested.

The Prime Minister Dato’ Seri Najib Razak announced that the diesel and RON95 prices will increase up to 20 sen per litre effective midnight.

The Prime Minister made the announcement in a media conference at the Prime Minister’s Office in Putrajaya earlier.

The announcement was likened as a GE gift to the people, particularly for those who voted for the party in the last election.

Since Najib’s tenure as the PM on April 2009, this is the third increase for RON95. Previously, on July 16th 2010, the fuel increased by 5 sen, pricing it at RM1.85 per litre. On December 2010, another 5 sen increase marked the price up to RM1.90 per litre.

Meanwhile, the diesel increased four times, at RM1.70 on 1st September 2009, RM1.75 on July 16th 2010, RM1.80 on 3rd December 2010 respectively. Now, it has jumped to a hefty RM2.00 per litre.

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