Selangor To Helm Halal Technology


SUBANG JAYA, 24 SEPT: Next year, the State Government will intensify their efforts in exploring the technology field of halal enterprises. This item will be included in the State Budget 2014.

Chief Minister Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim said the state government will make an emphasis on the transitions of the halal industry technology, developing skilled groups that can leverage said technology, as well as building business service sectors that are based on that technology.

The establishment of the Selangor Halal Scientific Laboratory is currently being studied to help address the issues of halal certification for local products.

Through carefully implemented strategies, he hoped Selangor will be the future leader of the halal technology industry.

“This idea can easily be executed by us as Selangor has all the necessary advantages and facilities needed,” said Abdul Khalid.

In 2011, the halal market was reportedly worth USD632 billion per year on a global scale. The increase in the income per capita and the halal goods’ clean and safe reputation had excited the high demands from consumers of various cultures and religions.

“We can sell technology, and we can also sell products of the said technology. At the same time, we will also increase the entrepreneurial skills of this explored technology. The market capacity can benefit more than 5.2 million people in Selangor,” said Abdul Khalid.

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