Transportation Rebate For Selangor Civil Servants


SUBANG JAYA, 23 SEPT: About 21,766 civil servants will benefit from Selangor’s public transport rebate which will soon be launched by the State Government.

Chief Minister Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim said the state government will provide feeder bus station within the public transport network, particularly at the Bus Terminal at Section 1 Shah Alam and the Malaya Railway Station (KTM) in Section 19, Shah Alam to the SUK Building under the Selangor Public Transport Council which will soon be set up.

He said the incentives would include civil servants at the SUK Building and they will be extended to the employees of the Land Office and Local Authorities.

“We plan to provide incentives to the state civil servants to encourage a reduction in vehicle use.

“In addition, we can also help boost the economy of bus companies that are no longer profiting at this point,” he told reporters after officiating the Budget 2014 Dialogue Ceremony at the Grand Dorsett.

The public transportation rebate incentives for the civil servants is included in the implementation of PR’s 13th General Election manifesto through their Five-Year Action Plan.

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