UMNO Is Internalising Prejudice Towards The Muslim Brotherhood


SHAH ALAM SEPT 6th: UMNO-BN are not able to affiliate themselves with the Muslim Brotherhood due to their internalised prejudice towards any Islamic movements.

Based on his experience, Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim revealed that he was once advised not to meet with the representatives of the Brotherhood.

However, the then Deputy Prime Minister ignored the “intelligence advice”, but instead proceeded with changing the meeting location.

“Back when the leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, Mohammed Mahdi Akef, was in Malaysia, I was advised by the intelligence not to meet (them) because they were supposedly Islamic extremists – radicals and such. But I had to speak to Abdul Hamid Abu Sulayman by meeting in his office. I, the Deputy Prime Minister at that time, went to Hamid’s office for lunch, instead” he said.

Anwar was speaking at a press conference after the launching of the book ‘Inside the Muslim Brotherhood: The Truth about the World’s Most Powerful Political Movement‘ evening yesterday.

Traditionally, a high-ranking leader in a country is usually visited by the foreign leaders unless a particular problem emerges to disrupt the meet.

Elaborating further, Anwar said he was encouraging the Muslim Brotherhood representative to meet with UMNO to explain the true situation in Egypt.

However, the PKR de facto leader is of the opinion that the Muslim Brotherhood will not be successful in forging close ties with UMNO, unlike PKR and PAS.


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