Why Was An International Firm Paid £20M to Draft PPPM Plan?

KUALA LUMPUR, SEPT 24: Why was a management firm paid RM20 million to prepare the Education Development Plan 2013-2025 (PPPM)?

Bukit Bendera MP, Zairil Khir Johari and Serdang MP Dr. Ong Kian Ming demanded an answer from the Education Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin as the international firm does not have expertise in the field of education.

According to the pair, Malaysia already has very capable local experts to draw up plans for the development of education, such as Director of Planning and Policy Research Dr Faridah Abu Hassan, Director of NKRA and NKEA Education, Tengku Azian Tengku Shariman, and a line of officers at the Ministry of Education and PEMANDU.

“Why didn’t JPM choose to use existing expertise and labour in the ministry and PEMANDU to prepare PPPM 2013-2025? What was the reason behind the Ministry’s decision to waste RM20 million hiring expensive consultants?” Zairil asked.

Yesterday, Muhyiddin revealed that the U.S. firm was paid RM4,705,400 for the first phase, and RM15,860,000 for the second phase to prepare PPPM.

The plan was fiercely criticised by various quarters for not bringing comprehensive changes, and focusing only on administrative changes.

“There are possibilities that the two main McKinsey partners were involved in the consultations for education projects. But surely their experiences are lacking in comparison with a panel of experts that participated in project task forces and independent panels of auditors,” said Dr. Ong.

Ong and Zairil Khir also claimed that McKinsey’s role was not documented in the related blueprint.

“If it weren’t for the questions directed to the Parliament at the press conference, the Ministry would not have been asked to reveal the role and costs of hiring McKinsey,” they said.

According to Dr. Ong, the RM20 million paid to McKinsey could have financed the construction of four new schools worth RM5 million each.

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