Appreciation for the Role of Women Expressed in the Pakatan Rakyat Alternative 2014 Budget


KUALA LUMPUR, 21 Oct: The role and contribution of women to economic development will be celebrated through provisions or special incentives, which is one of the main agenda in the Pakatan Rakyat (PR) Alternative 2014 Budget presented today.

Opposition Leader, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim said that every working mother would receive an allocation of RM1,200 per year to finance child care services for children under 12 years.

He also said that PR will allocate RM3 billion a year for the National Women’s Contribution Scheme (SCWN) as a form of comprehensive social safety net for wives, especially housewives.

“The PR Government will contribute RM600 per year, regardless of the contribution of the husband and this scheme may be withdrawn in the event of death of a spouse, divorce, disability and permanent loss of income,” he said.

In relation to that, Anwar said that PR will also maintain policies to increase women’s leadership to a level of at least 30 percent by year 2017.

“Women leaders in Parliament, corporate management and national leadership in the public and private sector will be the main focus in the budget this time,” he said.

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