Global Ikhwan Apologises, Declares to Obey Fatwa Council


RAWANG, 16 Oct: 45 years after the establishment of the Al-Arqam movement, the splinter company of the teachings, Global Ikhwan Sdn Bhd (GISB) today acknowledged that the teachings of Aurad Muhamadiah practiced by the group had previously deviated from true Islamic teachings.

According to the Executive Chairman of GISB, Hatijah Aam, she began to realise the offences after praying in front of that Kaaba to ask for a sign and had several meetings with the Selangor Islamic Religious Department (JAIS).

“So today, is the first day of the Tasyrik for the Raya Haji 1434 Hijrah, similar to the 16 the of October 2013, I, Hatijah Binti Aam, declare in front of the Director of JAIS that GISB receive the fatwa verdict wholeheartedly.

“We will abide by the fatwa and return to the Government of Malaysia, particularly the Department of Islamic Development, Malaysia (Jakim), JAIS, and the Fatwa Council,” said the wide of the founder of Al-Aqram in Malaysia, Ashaari Muhammad, at a ceremony where Materials prohibited by the fatwa were disposed at the Bandar Country Homes this morning.

Therefore, she, on behalf of the group, apologises to the authorities, especially JAIS, the Fatwa Council, Jakim and all Islam believers in this country.

According to Hajijah’s confession, the Director of JAIS, Datuk Marzuki Hussin, the Chief Assistant Director of JAIS, Mohd Shahzihan Ahmad, and about 200 employees of GISB, where its majority are followers of Al-Aqram were present.

“If there are any employees in GISB who disobeys this matter, we declare here that they are no longer employees of GISB Holdings, either in Malaysia or abroad,” said Hajijah.

Meanwhile, Marzuki, when inaugurating the event, said that Hajijah’s confession is an honest and sincere confession.

“Although at the same many others out there consider this to be a mere act, we at JAIS are very confident with the honesty and sincerity (of the confession), and I have been convinced by several of my officers,” said Marzuki.

At the event, Marzuki also symbolically disposed over 20 titles of printed materials prohibited by Fatwa by burning books, magazines and Al-Arquam brochures.

The books included; Thoughts of Ustaz Ashaari Muhammad Series 2, Most Miraculous Leasers in His Time, Letters to the Prime Minister (answers to allegations), Aurad Muhamadiah – the Darul Arqam belief and so on.

Previously, Hajijah who has already been living in Jeddah for three years, was detained 45 days by the Saudi authorities on the offence of committing an act of heresy (practicing a misguided form of Islam) and for staying in the country past her visa period.

He was sent back to this country on 13 May 2013 and underwent a questioning process by Jais authorities.

Marzuki said in a press statement at the same event that the complete investigation papers by Jais had already been sent to the Shariah Court for prosecution.

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