Hulu Selangor Member of Parliament not Transparent in Channelling Assistance


RAWANG, 22 Oct: Residents of Anggerik apartments in Bukit Beruntung said that the Member of Parliament for Hulu Selangor, P Kalamanathan is not transparent in channeling assistance for reparation works for the damaged roofs of the apartment.

Most of the residents in the apartment claimed that Kalamanathan channelled the assistance for the reparation to only a few individuals.

A resident, Maheran Teop, 55, describes the MP’s actions as being ‘biased’ and only helped his cronies overcome the problem of leaking and totting roofs in all apartment buildings, which is a major problem because it can be life-threatening in addition to the growing problem of theft.

“I understand that the MP did make repairs but for only some of the residents. This action raises dissatisfaction among other residents because we are facing many problems due to leaking and rotting roofs.

“In addition to the leaks, we fear that the roof might just come off in the event of high winds. I had also faced bad incidences when high winds caused roof debris to fall which really is worrisome for my family,” he said when met here today.

Previously, over 1,000 families residing in the area faced problems when the roof of their apartment was destroyed in a storm last year, causing many of them to move out, thus decreasing the property value in the area.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak has approved an allocation of RM15.6 million to repair and refurbish the damaged roofs for 50 blocks of low-cost apartments in Bukit Sentosa and Bukit Beruntung after his survey session in 2010.

Another resident, Aris Jamian, 45, said that the said party only visited them when it was nearing the General Election by offering various promises since he started living in the apartment eight years ago.

“However, after the Election, all the promise ended up just as promises. We are very worried thinking about safety because this problem has caused our homes to be flooded every time it rains.

“Floods, which are common, cause our house to be dirty and our family is forced to keep important documents and electronics in a safe area. Residents would like to plead to the goodness of the State Government to repair our apartments which are getting rather dilapidated and we also do not have lights around the area,” he said.

TVSelangor found that five blocks of the five-storey apartment are damaged in addition to being dilapidated and ’empty’ due being unoccupied.

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