MBSA Enhances Departments for the Well-Being of the Residents of Shah Alam


SHAH ALAM, 2 Oct: The Shah Alam City Council (MBSA) will enhance the functions of several of its departments to provide better quality service for the well-being of the residents of Shah Alam.

Shah Alam Mayor, Datuk Mohd Jaafar Mohd Atan said that the MBSA 2014 Budget policy has six core principles which is prosperous and conducive living, excellent service, sensitive to complaints from the community, the community and stakeholders are treated as customers, an efficient delivery system and security patrolling.

He said the MBSA 2014 Budget targets yields to exceed RM350.6 million through tax and non-tax revenue to continue development in areas under its jurisdiction.

“Our budget for 2013 is a balanced budget and it is expected that we will yield about RM350,640,430. We will then spend as much as we receive.

“We responded to the State Government’s wishes for the budget to be given back for the development of people and the community, the people of MBSA as well as taxpayers and investors. Among the actions, we will strengthen our various departments in MBSA,” he said in a press statement after the tabling of the 2014 MBSA Budget Meeting here today.

Mohd Jaafar said, the departments are; the Department of Urban Services, the Department of Corporate and Community Development, the Department of Licensing and Enforcement, the Department of Management Services, the Department of Engineering, the Department of Parks and Recreation, and the department of Revenue and Investment, as well as the establishment of several new units.

He said that among the units to be established are; the Auxiliary Police Unit under the Department of Licensing and Enforcement, the Management of Multipurpose Halls Unit (Department of Corporate and Community Development), an Integrity Unit (Department of Management Services), a Maintenance Unit (Department of Engineering), a Tree Trimmings Unit (Department of Parks and Recreation) and the Parking Management Unit (Department of Revenue and Investment).

“One of the most important things is, in order to maintain the discipline of Council Members, officers and employees of MBSA; we will establish an Integrity Unit, where the head will be seconded from the MACC (Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission) to check so that there is not misconduct. We will establish it when it is approved by the State Government.

“In the budget, for the establishment of an Auxiliary Police Unit with 100 members, MBSA, through the State Government, will apply to the Inspector General and we hope that it will be approved,” he said.

Mohd Jaafar said that MBSA will repair and improve a number of public halls around Shah Alam at a cost of RM3.5 million.

He said that the bicycle path project will continue to be pursued apart from several facilities such as a fitness park and a public park.

“We will also upgrade and enhance the existing public transport system which is the bus terminal at Sections 17 and 19.

“The bus terminal at Section 19 will be developed at a cost of RM4 million while the bus terminal at Section 17 will be developed at a cost of RM7 million, where the additional cost will be applied for,” he said.

He said that MBSA also plans to establish an international ranked Banquet Hall in Section 13 in the future at an estimated cost of RM27 million.

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