UPDATE – Damages for Water Supply Outage: Tribunal Advises to File the Case at the Civil Court


SHAH ALAM, 3 Oct: The Tribunal for Consumer Claims Court decided that the tribunal has no power to hear the claim of losses due to water supply disruptions against Syabas.

Instead, the claimants are advised to file a claim at the Civil Court.

The President of the Tribunal, Quaik Chong Yu, in his judgement, said that the claims made by eight customers of Syabas are damages claims not money.

“This case is not being dismissed but merely cancelled. This means that the complainant may file (the case) at the Civil Court.

“I suggest taking counsel and filing a claim at the Civil Court.

“I really want to hear and decide this case, however, with a heavy heart, I have decided that this tribunal has no power,” he said.

Meanwhile, some claimants said that the decision was disappointing.

“If the tribunal cancels it, where can consumers get defense?” asked a Syabas customer who only wanted to be known as Lee.

Selvamayahi, who lives at a 16-storey apartment in Ampang, considers the decision as motivating Syabas to continue to ignore the suffering experienced since August 2012.

“I am making this claim not because of money, but for Syabas and all parties to be exemplary in providing the best service to the consumer,” she said.

Adamulhasza Mohd Noor said that the problem of water outages has caused some consumers to bear losses to obtain water supply.

“We are forced to eat out, but mineral water, stay at relative‚Äôs houses and some had to stay in hotels,” he said.

In addition to that, the problem has also caused property owners to lose their tenants.

Today, the Tribunal for Consumer Claims heard eight out of the 300 cases filed against Syabas which failed to provide satisfactory water supply.

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